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Vuhdo Part 3 – Clusters and Bouquets

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. This is the third installment of my 3 part guide on how to set up Vuhdo. This was done for my blog, and if you prefer text directions, I have them over there complete with time markers detailing when I talk about each part. Part 1: Part 2: Vuhdo at curse: Vuhdo home page: My UI:


  1. Antech91 /

    Somehow my class colors or class text on the raid frame wont change even though i click it. This is not a problem on my priest but it is on every single alt i’m creating. Please help.

  2. rwyankees /

    Great Vid!!

  3. wowlover1100 /

    so where on the vuhdo site do i find cluster /bouquet guides? i cant seem to find them

  4. SuperHolybasil /

    Thanks for the guide. As a tank with a heal offspec this is a godsend.

  5. TimtheRipper /

    Great guide, Really helped me alot!

  6. kaine180 /

    thanks fot these, i have one problem though… i had my vuhdo set up fine and then when i checked again to see if everything still looked ago, the text thats ment to be in the health bar was all on the right hand side outside the group party, this only seems to happen with group 1 i think… any idears how to fix this?

  7. nolifedotcom /

    Great tutorial. Dont worry about the quality its perfectly fine 🙂 I was having some trouble setting up cluster on my druid, but now im all good. thanks

  8. BandageSpecBlog /

    @Fumez1 If I’m understanding your question correctly, you are wanting to show class icons and role icons all the time, and afaik, there’s no option for that. Class colors are the easiest way to show class, it can be done with text color or bar color. As for role, it can be sorted by role if you make a new “special” frame. From there you can pick who is shown there, such as ranged dps. I’d recommend suggesting what you’d like to do on curse or plusheal. He’s good about implementing suggestions.

  9. Fumez1 /

    Great Tutorial! I was just wondering… when you right click the headers like group 1 it shows you the class and raid Icons, Priest, and the + icon for healer, Is there any way to have that show up all of the time?

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