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Short clip from the Toronto Massey Hall VGL performance of WoW themes. Bad angle, sorry.


  1. MrFieldPaint /

    I think my favorite blizzard composition is the Wrath of the Lich King instaler. I listened to it for like an hour

  2. BabyTorres /

    You dont even have to be into playing role playing games..Warcraft music stands alone in my book. Symphony worthy music. I have always enjoyed Warcaft’s music, especially Nagrand, I always have that ona loop when I go there.

  3. RunescapeProVideos /

    what r they doing???

  4. rednas3636 /

    thats WARCRAFT

  5. youbuceta /

    -legends of azeroth
    -cinematic theme
    -call to arms

  6. DrStrangefate /

    The concert here in Houston, TX just last year included Blizzard composers Russel Brower and others on a panel just after an hour and a half concert dedicated to pure Blizz music

  7. i didnt hear any w3 music in this

  8. theamazingnerd /

    This is a suite.
    I know the war theme is “Legends Of Azeroth”
    The song after is Shaping of The World
    Then Call to Arms, I believe

  9. Aberusugi /

    I hate how this is tagged as WORLD of Warcraft, when the songs are also from Warcraft 3, a game with a much better soundtrack even. It’s just, the idea that no warcraft game existed before World of Warcraft is too existant among new gamers to the series.

  10. michellethemit /

    Hmm. You have a point.

  11. dragoonhydra132 /

    They need to do War! From the soundtrack!

  12. crono738 /


  13. ILickGlue /

    i wud like to go to one of these concerts to, i just love symphony orchestras AND the Warcraft music.

  14. crono738 /

    going to this july 18th in MD…cant wait lol

  15. dtek40k /


  16. SHOWxSK8ER /

    VGL ftw!

  17. Adventureteer /

    Oh sweet dude, thanks!

  18. michellethemit /

    Call to Arms, from the WoW original soundtrack.

  19. Adventureteer /

    Hey anyone know what the song is at the very end? It’s my favorite of em all but I have no idea what it’s called!

  20. Szarken /

    There are some songs of Warcraft III.

  21. masherXIV /

    heh, most of the pictures were from Warcraft III but still, very nice

  22. Sn1p3r87 /

    Waay better than “Play! Stockholm – (World of) Warcraft” Video the Sound isn’t All fucked Up And Zomg! and Can Actuyl see the Video!

  23. Sn1p3r87 /

    Very nice

  24. really cooooooollllllll!!!!!!

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