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Unreleased WoW Cataclysm Trailer

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Unreleased WoW Cataclysm Trailer This was the original WoW Cataclysm trailer for the wow Cataclysm expansion, but they decided to scrap it and go with the current one they have out. My Twitter: My Facebook Page: My Website:


  1. RavenReach /

    is it actiually that Trollreborn is it a expanson like that?

  2. dillewil /

    I WANT A GOBLIN DEATH KNIGHT PLEAAAASEEE… oh and can u make the game easier? rofl at that in the forum!

  3. pdzj /

    @inhidewow was beta really out in 2009? C:

  4. ryanreedful /

    chuck norris likes to eat noobs. lawl.

  5. inhidewow /

    @pdzj BETA?

  6. lolisabadname /

    Blizzard actually changed parts of cata because of this video, Gamon becoming an 85 elite was there response to this.

  7. pdzj /

    @TobbzSC Yeah must be 😀 Crendor owns wow.

  8. itsallcoolable /

    @TrollReborn naga nice i think that blizz should add vampires to there were in dota so why not here

  9. TobbzSC /

    @pdzj Maybe this was what made blizzard buff him ;P

  10. diechinaboydie /

    fuck you other guy, I’m on the top

  11. pdzj /

    Cool im on the top..

  12. Phlapjack115 /

    @TrollReborn i hope thats not true i hate water lvls

  13. gurrakl96 /

    @pdzj Beta mabye?:D

  14. Killerbeez0 /

    Again. Great job 🙂

  15. Alexhackedone /

    @StormRaven332 and so the troll has been trolled.

  16. TheSlovakfan /

    the Fuck guys, the fuck

  17. StormRaven332 /

    @Alexhackedone Im actualy a regular on 4chan. Fuck you.

  18. Alexhackedone /

    @StormRaven332 So your life is that worthless that you have to trawl through comment sections looking for someone to correct? If that’s so I might recommend 4chan but they might be a bit advanced for you.

  19. StormRaven332 /

    @Alexhackedone Trololol.

  20. Alexhackedone /

    @StormRaven332 It’s a 4 month old comment dumb-ass.

  21. StormRaven332 /

    @Alexhackedone Its EvE online, dumb ass.

  22. TheOPwarlock /

    Just go to Rift or something

  23. MrRavenChild /

    maybe blizzard’s was cool but this one is 10x better ROFLMAO

  24. angelkat64 /

    “Chuck Norris likes to eat noobs. Lawl” XD

  25. nawstra578 /

    heroic sm does sound like fun

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