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WoW Tutorial: How To Connect To Private Server

WoW Tutorial: How To Connect To Private Server

This video demonstrates how to connect to a private server. HS WOW is the server used in the example.

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  1. ilikehugsfromgirls /

    join Gatoked if full join Gatoked2 or if thats full join Gatoked3 for all of these the pass is 123
    ( if u get 5 people to jion u can be a gm )
    but hurry the more we get the more people u have to get to be a gm
    by the way it has to be wotlk 3.0.3
    this is a good server friendly staff custom malls working dks
    up 99% of the time and get your acc of bamfer or brandon

  2. Realm of shadows wow server
    Friendly gm’s
    very new
    No lag
    needs hamachi Network name:Jaywowserver2 pass:jay
    Needs players
    Come join us!!!

  3. Th3D004s /

    omg ive waited for 30mins and it wont let me log in wtf do i do? i did everything it said for me to do

  4. th3guitarheroxxpert /

    looool you play HS? that where the first private server i playd on!!! nice!!!!

  5. RaShanN14 /

    Goed filmpje man jij kan ze echt goed make 😉

    Gr Rashan Ja tog 😛

  6. kkrbloedhond /

    need to w8 10 minutes

  7. i made acount and it wont let me log in??


  8. WoWMoviiemaker /

    Private servers are boring if there are only 50-100 players in it but like
    “WoW-Scape”there are like 4000 players online but it laggs like sh!t but it is fun but way to laggy

    Greetz -Ixecube-

  9. Jakdragon65 /

    a private server would be so boring!

  10. You have to wait 5minutes before you can log in

  11. dkid124 /

    actually it didnt help i can get in

  12. dkid124 /

    rlly helped

  13. WoWMoviiemaker /

    Comment and rate plz.

  14. haagsegang /

    nice filmpie 😛 goeie uitleg
    goeie muziek 🙂

  15. WoWMoviiemaker /

    This is my first movie plz comment so i can make movies better.

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