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Keybinds Video Tutorial

Keybinds Video Tutorial

This is the first tutorial video made by Lewis (aka Stopz) to help new and experienced members of World of Warcraft.

This particular video looks at Keybinds, how to set them up, why they are used and how to use them. Please feel free to check out the channel and subscribe! Tutorials will be released every now and then so keep tuned.


  1. chucknorrisgawd /

    I know how to type and where every button is without looking but it’s a flexibility issue in my hand I really struggle to stretch to the number keys without fucking up…idk it’s not very efficient to me to use the numbers

  2. ImTheMuffinMann /

    How did you get that setup at the bottom with your actionbars?

  3. ImTheMuffinMann /

    How did you get that action bar layout?

  4. ImTheMuffinMann /

    How did you get that action bar layout?

  5. Z33risH /

    here are some of my binds .. 1-7 , X,V,T,G,H,F,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5, Then i have some binds on my mouse. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. tkdMANIAC89 /

    thanks alot it helped

  7. snowyjnrz /


  8. Giestopz /

    @WoWGMserv Probably not such a good idea. Unless you have a key left over in which case can sometimes be useful but I wouldn’t reccomend it. Just put it on your actionbar to click.

  9. nightley /

    Thank you so much for this. It’s the only comprehensive guide I’ve come across, and I’ve been searching for a while.

  10. windnoob /

    How do i keybind ยง and 1?

  11. benwegh10 /

    nice vid mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. WoWGMserv /

    should u keybind mounts?

  13. nuggybunz /

    the one vid on youtube i need to LISTEN to what he’s saying and he has an accent

  14. Giestopz /

    @yumybunnies Save our selves – The Blackout ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Sinkatze /

    Good explained video, Im sure it will help lots of people, Thanks!

  16. JaneLame /

    Best tutorial I’ve seen. I wish I would have come across this when I was learning how to bind for the first time.

  17. yumybunnies /

    whats the begining song?

  18. yumybunnies /


  19. named244 /

    good vid, i wasnt sure what sorts to use, i was using stuff like Shift W and it was awkward while running lol, ty

  20. Captinthermite /

    cool i didint know how to bind the top bars but now i do and now my caster characters are more dangerous than ever like my mage =D

  21. Happytehn00b /

    Thanks bro, just getting used to keybinds and you gave me the perfect keybind combos.

  22. ArturoPhillipsr /

    Great Video, but this is not working anymore i found a legit way to get free cards, check it out freewowgametime*com Jacob Stotsky

  23. MathBoycp /

    VERY helpful

  24. WoWHighWarlord /

    mate, i watched alot of Keybinds videos, this is the one and the only 1 that made me understand how to use it, thanks alot dude, it’s so helpful!

  25. woa12 /

    Thanks very very much

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