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World of Warcraft Hunter Tutorial

World of Warcraft Hunter Tutorial

A brief look into the hunter class on World of Warcraft. The video explores the various aspects available to the hunter and the associated pro’s and con’s of each. This also more info on traps and defensive methods.


  1. 11multimedia /

    Ok video but very fucking annoying background music.

  2. MrWow9812 /

    You are crazy the hunters not is cool.

  3. wowgunni /

    i want my fucking 3:01 sec back right now and the 20 sec it took to right this!!!

  4. Gloomsridge /

    That sounds like me after a Lions loss. Hmmm, every Sunday) Go Labatts Blue!

  5. dranoel1963 /

    i want my 3:01 secs back + the time i typed this comment(15+ secs)

  6. chagai104 /

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  7. ByrackanUfool /

    A hurr duh merp-derp-smurp.

  8. how do you get a pet

  9. rodo32slipknoteslane /

    can you help me i a hunter pls help me

  10. TheDakinesurfahboi /

    where are you with all the animals?

  11. hubbardlisabatf /

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  12. doctorwhobw /

    i find this actually so cool 😀 i think your wicked

  13. RasmusSk8XD /

    @AirHogsHelis omg -.-

  14. coolcat726 /

    cool this was very helpful

  15. Steveisamonkeyninja /

    ur armor is so sick looking

  16. Miushroomman /

    What’s the retard song called ?.?


    lol i love the backround music xD

  18. SuperAnanaas /

    music fail

  19. chufu11 /

    wtf is with the song in the background?
    hes like talking zombie

  20. GamerChanel /

    Surprisingly, you’re right about that :O

  21. AirHogsHelis /

    how do you make you weapons glow

  22. Menddraeda /

    lol awsome music in the background 😛

  23. FoxxyPanic /

    Omigosh…. Nice! XDD

  24. Jarrasek99 /

    @IIlidanStormrage fergot sorry

  25. IIlidanStormrage /

    @Jarrasek99 Yeah, but if this is Wotlk, then how does he has chimaeras?

    0:22 and worms 0:34

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