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Tutorial 2: First Steps In The Big World

Tutorial 2: First Steps In The Big World

The second tutorial by Shaal, covering basic combat, quests, and vendors.

Created due to popular demand.


  1. sushanalone /

    Good choice of character race youl never get distracted by it and listen to the instructions!

  2. BumaHuma /

    I have been waiting for this, awesome videos you post, subscribed, and liked 😀

  3. HumanLycan /

    i heard about Mr.T grenades and erwyllyn watermelons lol

  4. TheyCallHimRetarded /

    @sirrus55 yeah i made a runescape cause the servers were down one day and i got bored instantly

  5. RemusN7 /

    @Henners1991 lol yeah that’s true, but if you run sidewards you’ll get a lot more hits, trust me

  6. Henners1991 /

    Tbh I am an idiot to do it, you get more shots off if you stand still.

  7. RemusN7 /

    Maaan… never, ever, backpedal. It just makes you look like a huntard.

  8. DDownageXD /

    yes, already found it but thanks 😀

  9. Henners1991 /

    Type /*word*




    I think /help got you a list, not sure.

  10. Henners1991 /

    But that’d mean reinstalling and resubscribing :<

  11. BryanMaddocks /

    Remake it. You show the macro’s you use for the video in various parts. Bad.

  12. microstar125 /


  13. DDownageXD /

    thank you 😀 started today, but how u lay and bow wave and stuff?

  14. Henners1991 /

    If ya listen to my other videos, you’ll find my voice so hushed, monotonous and generally dull that I’m sure you’d retract that statement 😉

  15. Kragdude /

    Would have been better with your voice explaining things than written messages tbh.

  16. boooooooooooring

  17. Henners1991 /

    You have to enter your credit details when you creat an account if I remember correctly, buuut yes, you can pay with cards you buy in a store… just start your subscription then cancel it afterward, and entering the card will boost it up by another month or whatever it is.

  18. edsch21988 /

    can you tell me how subscriptions work, like how the paying thing is done. do you give card numbers or go to a store and get them that way, i dont know and i am curious. i want to play, but need to know if it is within my budget. thanks = )

  19. 2012solarboom /

    Thanks for the Info ! I told a Noob friend to watch this. Thanx !

  20. mtggamer4 /

    watch some more videos on the gameplay of wow and they really start to help, i was a noob not to long ago, so i started looking at you tube for some good help

  21. mtggamer4 /

    great idea

  22. mtggamer4 /

    and thats there advantage in pvp

  23. vidking44 /

    im on laughing skull yays

  24. gamefreakpoke /

    make a third!
    🙁 🙂

  25. xMoreTx /

    hahaha, true 😀

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