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Nubtorials – Basic Movement

Nubtorials – Basic Movement

World of Warcraft basic movement techniques. We will walk through basic movements and techniques you can use to attack, straf and watch from afar.


  1. rileyjsg /

    GREAT thanks!

  2. loribomb /

    what if your a quad and have to use a specialized keyboard and no mouse?

  3. Mikeydat99 /

    Best movement guide out there!
    I just
    Wish it wasn’t so condescending “nubtorials” haha

  4. Mke2k0 /

    Cool i didnt know alot of those movements tx for the info

  5. wb7r9 /

    very good…finally a guide i can understand 😀

  6. yenomeerf /

    Excellent, thx for the useful info and informative presentation.

  7. ConceptOfTheCrow /

    Haha, I know how to play, but for some reasons I just love watching videos like this! 5/5 *

  8. gabriel4eva /


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