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TubeToolbox w/Patched exe. Working as of October 11, 2010

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Scene proudly presents a patched version of TubeToolbox This is the latest release of the program, and has zero limitations. Subscribe to as many chanels as you want, auto send mails and comments, send mass friend requests just an awesome program, get it now before they update thier servers and block the features. working as of October 11, 2010. Here are 5 different sites you can get it from in case 1 doesn’t work for you:


  1. CrystalPhoenix100 /

    I Have the 6 month subscription for TubeToolBox , i got if free check out my Channel ( : Activate your TubeToolBox Free

  2. MrkillerFBI /


  3. garrit123 /

    this links are ethier viruses or dont work

  4. nower3008 /

    is this legit?

  5. LucasHolmes /

    First good comment ive seen on these fucking videos in 15 years

  6. MurderMassRecords /

    For ONe None Of The Links work and 2 Why the fuck do you assholes keep using these sharecash links!? Its fucking lame! Why dont you just use link bucks. You will get a shit load more people downloading and they wont have to do surveys. FUCK!

  7. vITALIANv /

    @whanethewhip LMAO

  8. whanethewhip /

    Lots of people smoke crack too, and lots of people over-eat, that does not make it good though. They misrepresent their product, they claim Youtube permits their program yet their own YT channels have been banned. And then there is you, 2 subscribers and 7 friends. So, it is neither “legit” or “good” as you claim.

  9. bigtimee96 /

    @whanethewhip this is legit, go to tubetoolbox(dot) com its a good program lots of people use it

  10. whanethewhip /

    Why would you risk getting your account banned with this program?

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