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Cataclysm Cinematic

Cataclysm Cinematic

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The Cataclysm Cinematic trailer placed online by Blizzard. Stunning music and effects. Get a real visual tour of the devastion in the World of Warcraft.


  1. GFJasonX /

    If only he actually landed on stormwind out of no where. Love to see the look on all the lvl 85’s who just kinda sit around in the trade district as they shit there pants.

  2. topmarkms /

    @TheToolwardio new expansion killed it.

  3. TheToolwardio /

    wow sucks…

  4. @fdhqkdbhjag But Sargeras is dead. He can’t be the end boss!

    Jk they will bring him back.

  5. Silly dragon.

  6. Mostwantedo /

    Don’t thumb up this comment.

  7. PasantorXLegend /

    There needs to be a movie! I’m sure blizzard can make one.

    This message is for everyone who is interested in making games; If you are interested, then why not join our Global dev team checkout the vids on my channel. Decide and develop on an MMO.

  8. BlankeyNinja22 /

    @iOinkyDoink I didn’t mean you can’t use ground mounts in cataclysm, I meant you WON’T.
    Do you still use your 60% mount just cause it’s pretty?

    What was once considered a lot of gold in wotlk isn’t a whole lot in cataclysm now that gold is easier to attain at level 85, doesn’t bother me much though but there must always be a gold sink.

  9. krogist /

    go Jéssica – Culpado de amor

  10. krogist /


  11. GoGojiraGo /

    @324fender No idea what bootleg copy you’ve been playing, I’ve never experienced anything wrong.

  12. 324fender /

    go get a life….

  13. WarcraftTitan /

    @324fender i guess my youtube accs name,s better then ur,s lol

  14. WarcraftTitan /

    @324fender you think im a nerd ? im going off because im invited to a party. i bet you wear glasses and you never leave ur own house. and someone like you call me nerd ? i have a gf, a dog and i do taekwon do. and you lil motherfucka call me nerd ? meh u faild.

  15. egates09 /

    @DarkWonderer47 yea you can drink alcohol and get drunk in game rtard

  16. egates09 /

    @WorldofWarcraft2O11 …..? i clicked it and didn’t die.

  17. MisterAnimeMusic /

    @DarkWonderer47 Brewfest 😛 And u can buy Alcohol ingame. Thats why it says “Use of Alcohol” ^^

  18. 324fender /

    lmao ” WarcraftTitan” love the name nerd.. sooo faill

  19. WarcraftTitan /

    @324fender lol fail

  20. 324fender /

    there has been so much buggs since the release of cataclysm and its patches that its hard to believe… ever since 4.1 was released yesterday i wasnt able to log into wow.. they always rush their stupid patches.. screw them up then not only lose money but waste their own time trying to fix up what they screwed up. im sick and tired of blizzard and their shitty cataclysm.. and their shitty patches.. vanilla wow had less bugs than cataclysm does right now.. pvp gets butchered also.. fuck this.

  21. DarkWonderer47 /

    Thumbs up if you want the next expansions’ 2 new races being dragonkins and demons

  22. Spartin326 /

    who would win . the dragon and the lich king or chuck norris with his hands tied behind his back.

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