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Swifty World of Warcraft the quest for eyefinity

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  1. G7GAMER /

    nice screens how much would that cost you for x3 46 inch lcd tvs?

  2. cyanide2001 /

    lol i had the same problem, when i was looking for one too, no stores didnt have any, they had to order it i was like “noooooooo i want it now” but a new computer store guy did a 1hr courier and today i have eyefinity on world of warcraft aswell so much better =P

  3. PROMyLoL /

    You are awesome 😛 And Nexius too :PP

  4. 55orangebird /


  5. TheCheeesyOne /

    i would have found it on the internet and ordered it

  6. jeggy1100 /

    he have a good shirt 😀

  7. NuKe114evilfear /

    Do any of you guys notice that he has a dot in the middle of his screen? lol

  8. hey swifty what monitors u use?

  9. sagcham /

    umm, how did you manage to record inside the stores or ppl faces? Since it had been restricted in many other places here in south florida. =(.

  10. iOnlySoul /

    dude, cant u tell us ur song in the desc? plz

  11. TheGamerAirsoft /

    @BozTurk1980 he says it in this video. /watch?v=sB3cPfTMlM4

  12. KasaiRaion /

    I loved the intro. 😀 Awesome video. 3:50 was so funny. 😛

  13. KasaiRaion /

    I loved the intro. 😀 Awesome video.

  14. BozTurk1980 /

    i need to know if u are using samsung 46″ led or an lcd…

  15. Pigtitsa /

    I bet nexius has all the epic mounts in WoW:D
    Ashes of Al’ar, Zulian Tiger, TLPD all PD’s etc

  16. MRArthalos /

    I love u Swifty! <3

  17. xNANNA9 /

    @johnsju would u recomed this with 24″ monitors? plz reply swifty 🙂

  18. SuperRS2008 /

    You are the fucking man, so jealous!!!!

  19. pdiddypdler /

    why is there a dot in the middle in the screen?

  20. MrThaking1337 /

    i love your vids man

  21. KallumMcKeeTV1 /

    why wont Nesius tell anybody were he finds these things

  22. @VicDahl1
    Yeah Fry’s usually has the sh*t no one else has

  23. MrFingasteez /

    OMG Why dont you play wow on eyefinity anymore ?

  24. Michaelmop /

    Omfg that Zelda music…. Such a huge amount of nostalgia..

  25. VicDahl1 /

    check out they also have stores in certain states that is where I go to get all my electronics goodies or if they don’t have it I go to and order it.

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