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SOLO 60 pally 1 pull Deadmines crazy!

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check the annotation link at the end of this video for my SFK pull, crazy! Toon: Nijino Level: 60 Server: Draka US Guild: Screams of the Past 1 big pull in deadmines. 60 pally. vanilla gear and enchants. No cheats/glitches, potions, buffs (other than my own) and only my trusty ol’ Skullflame Shield. Sped up double time for editing and alittle humor 🙂 please enjoy!


  1. killshot123 /

    @Collectro Oh, I’m not doubting that, and I did watch the whole thing and thumb it up, I misunderstood the description, I stand corrected, thanks anyway mate, nice video and keep up the hard work!

  2. Collectro /

    @killshot123 I didnt say it was pre-bc. but the toon has pre-bc gear. this kinda pull was not possible pre-bc anyhow. and regardless, doing this pull with no gear from burning crusade, at 60, was really tough. it was hard enough to accomplish let alone entertaining enough for a video. you could atleast try to enjoy it, it took alot of effort sir.

  3. killshot123 /

    This isn’t pre-bc. Look at the quest log at the top right, and the spells he has.

  4. akroma12345678910 /

    hate pallys but i love this 🙂 amaizing vid

  5. johansorlin /

    Lol, awesome pitched smurfvoices. 😀 “HEY! HEY! HEY!”

  6. Ssmart2clubpenguin22 /


  7. Collectro /

    @theasdnightmare nope, all prot.

  8. theasdnightmare /

    Very nice done 🙂 did you spec 70% ignore interuption when casting?

  9. Collectro /

    @ebz95 60

  10. ebz95 /

    what lvl is this guy in?

  11. iLikeNachooooz /


    that kinda kills, 5 second stuns suck -.-” especially if you hit him while all those mobs are on ya :p

  12. TheSavist /

    that’s crazy

  13. beastmode168 /

    haha when he says you there check out that noise XD

  14. FilthyHavoc /

    absolutely pro!

  15. Skeletonya /

    Awesome! I like all the sparkling at the end.

  16. IPlsk /

    love the sounds lol

  17. jdenerre /

    Smite going all the way back to his chest was hilarious, nice job!

  18. paperbuddha /


  19. Newpallyftw /

    Put some commentary in it so its less of metal on metal sounds.

    Or atleast something entertaining. Otherwise very cool. Hobbs was chill.

  20. hawkwing420 /

    Bravo sir! im gonna go die trying this now

  21. MaxFatwrecked /

    holy crap!!! nice job!

  22. Izilla24 /

    lol nice! reminds me of the “how to paladin” series


  23. Killerrs221 /

    Holy Crap Nice Job!!!

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