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World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. is a WoW PvP instructional site. It is the #1 stop for information, instruction, and entertainment for Cataclysm. The best players in the world dedicate their time to improving your gameplay! Skill Capped is the ultimate World of Warcraft instructional resource. We feature videos, articles, and a PvP community from some of the best players in the game. We’re here to make you better, faster. our almost 17000 member base is still growing strong, and our community is unmatched. Sign up within a month after the Cataclysm release and receive a discount on your membership! Be sure to Subscribe for the best Cataclysm Videos and like us if you want to see more! Video produced by Xmo


  1. ifr3ax /

    Arena Tournament / WOTLK (EU)
    Envenom Rogue / Discipline Priest (as Rogue)

  2. SkillCappedDotNet /

    @ps3n10 Thanks for the complements about the site!

    The reason we charge a small monthly fee, is because we have the best players in WoW create detailed instructional videos for us. In order to ensure that our content is the best possible content we can provide, we have to pay our contributors for this content. Your money goes directly to paying for more content, as well as our HD streaming costs.

    If Anyone has any more questions or concerns, feel free to address them here!

  3. SkillCappedDotNet /

    @demernoobie Good News!

    We do a podcast once every two weeks now, and will be continuing to do so regularly for the rest of the expansion!

  4. SkillCappedDotNet /


    Leon Jean Marie – Bring It On (Rusko remix)

  5. kaelonisthe /

    Can someone tell me the add-on at 1:22 when it shows what skills they used?

  6. hammabro /

    Song name?

  7. SkillCappedDotNet /


    We are putting podcasts out regularly now. Come check them out!

  8. Revengefullwow1 /

    Whats the song?

  9. zoltak007 /

    skill capped is probably the best thing you can do for your arena rating, i bought arena pwnage and regret every fucking moment! Thumbs this up so people are warned

  10. TheGnoid /

    next time hd pls then ill like it

  11. 123iplaywow /

    whats the song?

  12. S3V3N7H7th /

    Nice channel, been a fan for a while now, only recently made an account :O
    Try my channel out too guys 🙂

  13. Wiziwoli /

    Leon Jean Marie – Bring It On (Rusko remix)

  14. blopzshilla /


  15. Wiziwoli /

    Is there anyone who knows the song name?
    Bring it on!

  16. ps3n10 /

    @libtech59 Naa thats not the problem. Im 16 living at home and my parents are quite poor. Thanks for making me feel bad. ;(

  17. VandanaEi /

    omfg, the looks of this video were amazing!!!!

  18. demernoobie /

    Skill Capped needs to put out another podcast. The first one was great.

  19. ps3n10 /

    Skill capped sucks. You have to pay for it! I mean the website itself is very instructional and well designed but i dont like the fact that we have to pay.

  20. spoxybg /

    Nicely edited and made gj gj

  21. maxxxxxxxen /

    2nd post, nice vid

  22. cnz123 /

    Song name please.

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