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Shoupz WoW-Power of GM

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THe ultimate power of a GM at shoupz wow


  1. ice0cream0bunny4321 /

    Can someone help. I need a list or link of all the commands

  2. rowknight /

    shoupz pwns

  3. oppa2222 /

    Hey ShoupzWoWtube are u the owner??? if you are leave a comment here

  4. ShoupzWoWtube /

    i can’t do that…

  5. razon95 /

    im playng on shoupz server and i have a dk lvl 65 pls can you give me lvl to 80 pls pls pls pls

  6. ShoupzWoWtube /


  7. razon95 /

    hi gm i am vlaicux or that dl balphagor pls lvl me to 80 pls pls pls

  8. Wildstylez23 /


  9. LittleLegion /

    Hey frannie!!! Its zerglon/zergy

  10. ShoupzWoWtube /

    thats why theres different malls to go to. SO instead of QQ’ing go to a different mal in Shattrath.

  11. justinrata /

    this server suck when you get your armor the horde or allines kill u

  12. Animazement /

    Haha That’s some funny Shit.
    5 Stars, Favorited, Subscribed.
    Damn, This Frannie GM is Aweosme.

  13. Gougy66 /

    woooo go FRannie

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