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Selfs3rve Vs. Fiveshot – WoW Cataclysm 85 Sub Rogue PvP

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RAZER NAGA GIVEAWAY: Selfs3rve Vs. Fiveshot – WoW Cataclysm 85 Sub Rogue PvP Some duels against Fiveshot! These duels were just for fun and purely for entertainment. Hope you guys enjoy Selfs3rve Vs. Fiveshot! Be sure to Like/Favorite/Comment if you liked the video! Enjoy. -Self ——————————————————————————– My channel: Facebook page: Fiveshot’s channel: ——————————————————————————– Music used in the video: “What About You” – Nero Aregento “Use My Dagger Instrumental”- Maklibek “Sacred River”- Blackmill Used with Permission


  1. XeleratedGuide /

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  2. twisteddj13 /

    Awesome! Love watching great players… Im just a little grasshopper… I have much to learn! Thanks guys!

  3. symillickg /

    @wormys3d no sub rogue or hpally

  4. wormys3d /

    @symillickg i guess you are ele shammy or arcane mage ? 😀

  5. Fiveshotwow /

    @ZeekeeHD Very sportsmanlike and mature comment there. I bet you are a genuinely nice person to be around.

  6. ZeekeeHD /

    no joke

  7. ZeekeeHD /

    id faceroll both of you

  8. oWnEr1Dh /

    just amazing!

  9. axel31495 /

    Nicely done! Not to lessen your acomplishments but fiveshot was better in BC/wrath, none the less gj!

  10. wowtimecards1 /

    Love give aways? LOVE FREE STUFF??

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  11. symillickg /

    why do u smokebomb before u go into stealth to avoid being put into combat before ur able?

  12. symillickg /

    omg ive wanted a arena… like how u was dueling in 1:10 … on 2 rocks in the middle of the air an if u fall ur dead 😛

  13. falloutgenius101 /

    So pro. Better than merc

  14. MrTja123 /

    WoW you’re better then THE fiveshot??!?!?!? O.O Hes like rogue jesusD:

  15. POZDRAW /

    @ravager48 get laid.

  16. ravager48 /

    @POZDRAW Feel better now?

  17. SoyZeratul /

    personally , i loved your comment at the end ^^

  18. Hruudawow /

    @POZDRAW playing a human rogue is smart breh. two dmg trinks

  19. PalarGaming /

    Nice duels

  20. NeroRiot /

    I really didnt realize how epic you are untill now

  21. Wizardi1111 /

    Great duels,was very fun to watch.

  22. gamblor67 /

    @POZDRAW naw not all ive had my human rogue since tbc like a baws 😀

  23. SooSlyy /

    cool video man, you should make a vid showing alot of the dueling spots that would be epic. <3

  24. POZDRAW /

    Good video, but im just fucking sick of watching human rogues everywhere… especially female ones. 80% of the rogues population are female humans, fucking try hard shit. The worst thing is that im a female human my self, gonna delete this shit and start an undead rogue.

  25. AnimalzWoW /

    Hey I just noticed something cool. Hydra has you on “cool channels” congratulations man 😀

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