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WoW Video Set To Seether Truth

Just a video i put together to the song Seether – The Truth. Enjoy. Moo.


  1. popprincess150 /

    0:02 Glitch

  2. bs39118 /

    where do i get the stuff to make videos?

  3. PapaRoachFan17 /


  4. yea, just sw had the great suicide point by the gryphon master :p

  5. PapaRoachFan17 /

    in my opinion (im not bashing the vid) but for this kind of music i think u should have used the undead, other than that great video

  6. AnimeCanuck /

    Hooray Eitrigg!
    Found this when looking for the video I acted in with my Mage in Booty Bay.. I don’t remember the song it was for! XD

    Anyway, the video looks really good. It’s sad that she cheated on him!

    If you’re looking for an actress on Eitrigg, I play a human mage, NE Priest, and also have a level 4 tauren Shaman… and 2 more human mage girls that look almost like sisters/triplets with my level 56 Mage.

    Yeah, I’m a WoW-Chick. XD

  7. xTKxWoW /

    WooT eitrigg 😀

  8. Dinky! hi glad to see eitrigg ppl troll here too!

    <3 ty!

  9. Dinky12 /

    Nice Video Gwyn and grats on that Manslayer of Qiraj sword you got.


  10. Ty, i appologize for the editing software, i wont be using ulead any more i have Vegas now ^.^

  11. FamosTV /

    nice work. i got goosebumps there at the end.

  12. BrokenPuzzle /

    I’ve never seen a viedo to this… oh well cool

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