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Cataclysm – The World Reborn

Cataclysm – The World Reborn

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A fly-through of the epic environments players will explore in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. It was the final reward unlocked as part of the ‘Your Fortune Awaits’ promotion at


  1. djquezin /

    epic song

  2. TemporarilyWoW /

    @mrsnygg94 Well, since vanilla you’ve been killing gods etc, You seriously just came up with that?;<

  3. cybermunkey13 /

    @mrsnygg94 shhhh don’t give them ideas. let them think of it on their own.

  4. mrsnygg94 /

    only prob i have whit wow is that its geting to powerfull for it own good. now your killing gods and lords that destroys worlds… were will it go nexst? a galaxy eating worm?

  5. ichigo73186 /

    @xeroaxlvx The first one is the cataclysm night elf theme, the second is (i think) part of the grim batol theme, the last one is from one of the vanilla scores, forget which one

  6. meisyou424 /

    this song is fucking amazing…

  7. pantus6 /

    People qq about wow is so broke now, I still enjoy play it.

  8. Yomamaspie /

    i cryed a little

  9. Jurgik /

    @WarcraftTitan Well yeah, tbh Gameplay > Graphics. I don’t play wow for its graphics.

  10. Emidretrauqe /

    You know I flew over most of the world on my level 80 observing the changes that Cataclysm made, which, like most things in the game, is only good at face value. Every spectacle is just some eye candy that couldn’t really be interacted with, and the majority of quests are still the same. Once my Worgen Hunter reached Darkshore and got loaded up with nothing but “Kill x amount of y” quests again I stopped playing.

  11. Emidretrauqe /

    @ChaosPages You did what everyone does when they get tired of alternating between grinding in some fashion or running laps around their capitol city out of sheer boredom from all the grinding.

  12. jamesthered123 /

    If i saw this on tv i would shout the house down 😛

  13. Extpie /

    Love the music in this video

  14. WorldofWarcraft2O11 /

    U DIE IF

  15. WarcraftTitan /

    @Jurgik but hes right. wow has more options then crisis and the only problem are the graphics, that blizz just updated to look epic even with that old graphic engine

  16. xeroaxlvx /

    I need this song; could anyone tell me it’s name?

  17. kanelletenshi /

    OMG; two weeks in Cata, and I haven’t seen anything yet! *¬*
    I just want school to be over….NOW!! OAO

  18. ChaosPages /

    I stopped playing wow a few months ago….
    My god…. what have I done….

  19. Jurgik /

    @robizeratul I lol’d pretty hard 😀

  20. Gaming3699 /

    its amazing how they put the video and the music together, to me the music makes the game footage look even more boss

  21. fluffypopje /

    The world will be reborn in flaaaame !

  22. 1Datey /

    better then wife

  23. Thanejal /

    èvêryõñê ƒrèë mì¢rösoƒt xbð× ¢ärds plus cödês plus Þlãýstatìöñ ¢ãrdš & côdèš & åmãzòn gîƒt¢aRds gõtô ƒRèedgiFtçàRds.çõm üšè”normål”lêttërš

  24. kayla4men9321 /

    Pull my hair, slal my ass, treat me like you own it!

  25. robizeratul /

    pure gameplay.that’s what blizz is about!id you want only graphics,you dont know what gaming is.Go play crysis and stare at the trees

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