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RePlay [WoW Machinima Music Video]

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  1. swacommerce /

    A good machinema and great camera work

  2. Valjin1 /

    einfach nur geil 🙂

  3. nonoohx /

    xD ta super bueno el video me gusto (Y)

  4. GreenLanternKilowog /

    trolss for da win mon

  5. SwifToXic /

    that is so nice great work

  6. ligthtroll /

    epic nice love the horde and the music 🙂

  7. ultimatelawlz /

    im doing what the video is telling me to

  8. tig3rto /

    Cool best music of wow

  9. Piplup3888 /

    @Pleyns HERTFUL

  10. YouWannaDieOrWhat /

    @ChEwMyAsS200 Well yeah. Why not?

  11. ChEwMyAsS200 /

    @YouWannaDieOrWhat Like the idea of Prev expack servers for ”old-school” people :3

  12. I got a…..Troll Druid No tauren fatty here

  13. xsnake666 /

    FOR DA HORDE! (im a tauren,not troll…..but trolls are badass)

  14. Sarge216 /

    Too bad we got the gay blood elves and not something else!!!Because of them we lost the great trolls of the Amani Empire!!!For the Horde mon and get rid of of the gay blood elves mon

  15. YouWannaDieOrWhat /

    Ouch, I miss wow so badly. I dont wanna QQ but, still. I think they atleast should make “pre TBC ” server. Maybe thats just my opinion?

  16. ThilaBear /

    @MyLol124 Psh u dont know hat your talking bout
    For da Horde Mon!

  17. Muzzdog4 /

    Trolls are soo awesome

  18. Zarvizana /

    great vid! 😀

  19. turbantobs /

    lol trolls r good but blood elfs r better

  20. SoBoOtY /

    OmG Stop Trollin! xD

  21. 8bitoffice /

    For da horde, mon

  22. MyLol124 /

    ugly trolls

  23. fearsome3 /

    The troll so goes with it OO

  24. 115meljustice /

    @benzmarylander98 Replay it’s in the title 😛

  25. TolSatha /

    Trolls be flippin’ out mon!

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