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Occu’thar with Hobbs – Cataclysm World of Warcraft (Gameplay/Commentary)

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Shannox Lord Rhyolith Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Beth’tilac Baleroc Coming Soon Alysrazor Coming Soon We cover the quick downing of Occu’thar and his abilities. Thank you for watching


  1. Mopehome /

    mage GETS it! DUH mages need staffs ALL THE TIME!

  2. GatorfanSyra22TI /

    Who rolled Prot pally and thought u were gonna be as badass as hobbs but wasnt But close 🙂

  3. TheWTFsauce /

    @Larael1001 I thought i was the only one

  4. c00ltrent /

    @HeresASeatHD ^.^

  5. HeresASeatHD /


    SOOOO easy.

    That’s PvE for you.

  6. NIN1024 /

    @SilentGamer12 Stormreaver

  7. Oxygen97 /

    First ever video where he doesn’t say “Hey guys hobbs here”

  8. TheGeektor /

    An old shield I used to have… *sniff* Skullflaaaaammmeeeee!!!!! lol

  9. Ralinor666 /

    Give the legendary to the prot pally

  10. benblue3 /

    come on all i need is those gloves to replace my 346 heroic 🙁

  11. c00ltrent /

    Did this raid for the first time on my ilvl 353 pally tank in a pug.
    SOOOO easy.

  12. xXCalikillz /

    hi five if you wrecked this boss 1st try 😛

  13. chaser244 /

    Thank you Hobbs, this clip just saved me.

    *Clueless tank*

  14. joben65 /

    Just downed this guy SOOO much easier with a guild and vent

  15. SilentGamer12 /

    what server does hobbs play on?

  16. sgogins /

    @mackoa12 but you get better stuff from gemming mitigation and avoidance vs pure stam stacking, its understandable when you face casters for a majority of the time but, its kinda stupid when u face bosses that hit with melee mostly, when you need to have the chance to lessen the damage.

  17. mackoa12 /

    @sgogins he is tank?

  18. legomyowneggo /

    very easy? my grp wiped twice!

  19. sgogins /

    why are you gemming +60 stam gems hobbs?

  20. 22edp22 /

    Geez i miss wow. I got “132” so i cant afford a new computer. its been atleast 9 months. 🙁

  21. ronnyhohoho /

    Please check my channel for good World of Warcraft skydiving video! 😀

  22. FarrisBu3ler /

    Shield is pretty dope

  23. superbadger7777 /

    lol hunters cant get the ledgendary staff

  24. MrWarlockPVP /

    GO to my channel to see THE best PVP glitch on wow To KO VANN in AV !!!!!
    Thanks for your time

  25. gnomeking567 /


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