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World of Warcraft Theme (Video Games Live!)

World of Warcraft Theme (Video Games Live!)

World of Warcraft Theme at Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Live orchestra plays during a World of Warcraft live game. The music is moving, large and unbelievable.


  1. mengelps /

    good video. have any of you fellas checked out the wow cheats pack on warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? its awesome, i just downloaded it. it’s got completely every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches as well as the new arena glitch. i perhaps shouldn’t tell folks about this however at the very least this offers you all a fair opportunity to obtain it before i pwn all of you!

  2. GenericOverusedName /

    There’s some addons out there to let you choose which music plays when you load the game. There’s also a variety of addons to let you play different music tracks ingame as well.

  3. INatalkaI /

    This is an awesome idea. The only thing that annoyed me was the constant yelling of people to the point you cannot hear music. Just shows how cultured most of these people are.

  4. trus3683 /

    every expansion they revamp the song i prefer tbc song, WoWLK is just bull, its too revamped..

  5. TheDragonMF /

    “Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeroooooooooooooy” xD

  6. invaderzim908 /

    that game is bitchass i dont care what anyone says

  7. BrawlerKen987 /

    lol out of nowhere some guys yelling: LEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOY!

  8. daffyduck789 /

    i love world of warcraft

  9. crazytng /

    1:41 *———–*

  10. LEEROY!!!! OMG! =P

  11. GarredHATES /

    god I miss this song I loved hearing it when I logged in when wow was new

  12. widgetyemidget /

    Awsome, i shall have to inquire. Thanks.

  13. Roytherebel /

    They did. I was at the Glasgow one in June. Think they are doing London sometime in October.

  14. widgetyemidget /

    Wish they would do stuff like this in the UK, the music from this game is amazing. Would love to see it perfoormed live.

  15. Stylecity /


  16. TehPhri4r /

    what did that guy yell?

  17. Dominuzzz /


  18. Lamaqak797 /

    2:30 so epic =D



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