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World of Warcraft Evanescence Video

World of Warcraft Evanescence Video

Evanescence – Bring Me To Life World of Warcraft Video. Music of Evanescence : Set to the World of Warcraft game play and cut scenes


  1. PingDaiPong /

    WOW O.O… das ist….. unbeschreiblich….

  2. alisharkmrkh /

    has any one found the most recent arena glitches yet? if not you may snatch all of the details for these on warcraftbotsYinfo (replace Y with .). i am optimistic it won’t get patched at any time in the near future

  3. lauraootr /

    good clip. have any of you fellas saw the wow cheats pack from warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? its astounding, i recently downloaded it. it’s got completely every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches as well as the newest arena glitch. i perhaps shouldn’t tell folks about this however at least this gives you all a reasonable opportunity to dl it before i pwn all of you

  4. Greenhelm64 /

    now i wanna play WoW

  5. Blacklamiaify /


  6. AvHealer /

    love how at 0:58 that warlock just waves his hand to destroy all the monsters. It’s like he doesn’t care at all, and just destroys what ever he needs.

  7. 1020wowdruid /


  8. lillemor1980 /

    1:24 is from the World of warcraft trailer or is it Burning Crusade trailer?? 🙂 Either way, its one of those two trailers 🙂

  9. hannahnelson80 /

    That was AWESOME!!!

  10. austpete8 /

    1:24 never seen that befor

  11. PhourQ /

    this was well done!!!

  12. FLgatorgirl06 /

    that was really good 😀

  13. germandanny84 /

    you no take candle!!! me and atashban are firewatch men!

  14. keluthoug /

    lol this clip is from the end movie from human campain of warcraft3 (begginging clip)but great vid =P

  15. c4m3rtwo /

    Allright but I make over 300 gold/hour using guide from GOLDMAKINGGUIDE(.)INFO

    What is the name of the theme song hit me up plzzzzzzz…

  16. 666Cryptorchid666 /

    Pretty kool shit. Danny…

  17. Kittyfrompluto /

    Danny, you rock hardcore!

  18. matt111684 /

    i luv it & the song my favorite
    its awesome anuf said

  19. panzertortoise /

    i edited it from Warcraft 3 cinematics.

  20. Andreyaza /

    Nothing more to say!

  21. faramondsdoom /

    wheres u get the video

  22. PsikoLock /

    i love you evanescence good video

  23. jaws2266 /

    sweet vid i thougt it was great seeing some different trailors than the other peoples made

  24. panzertortoise /

    Thanks, this is only my 2nd music video. It took about 14-15 hours to make.

  25. windygirl104 /

    Nicely made! The music seemed almost perfect with the scenes you chose! Good job!

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