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World Of Warcraft: Dancing

World Of Warcraft: Dancing

A sequence of Warcraft characters dancing with the original source that the animation was taken from.
I’m trying to get enough clips for the 2nd part. If anybody can point out where other dances are from, it would be very helpful.
Thank you

PS: Please also be aware that some of the animations were created from imagination and don’t actually have a reference. I really need some help finding something for the gnomes. I need a music video or something with freak dancing/grinding in it like that which the gnomes do. All clips can be found on YouTube. For those that are interested, the blood elf video has been taken down and no longer exists.

List of Clips:

  • 1: Saturday Night Fever (The music used in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ is BeeGees- You Should be Dancing.)
  • 2: MC Hammer- Cant Touch This
  • 3: Chubby Checker- The Twist
  • 4: Alizee- J’en Ai Marre
  • 5: Napoleon Dynamite (The music used in ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ is Jamiroquai- Canned Heat.)
  • 6: Daler Mehndi- Tunak Tunak Tun
  • 7: Chris Farley Chippendales sketch (The music used in this sketch is Loverboy- Working for the weekend.)
  • 8: Britney Spears- Toxic (dance routine)
  • 9: Michigan J. Frog
  • 10:Riverdance
  • 11:Michael Jackson: Billie Jean
  • 12: Peanut Butter Jelly Time (The music used in Peanut Butter Jelly Time has the same title by the Buckwheat Boyz)

Thanks to all those who I took screen grabs from.


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    @LindaClark7948 what does this have to do with this video? That song is so overused, it ruins the meaning of Trance, i like trance music, but when its overused like that song is, i just wanna slap the people who put it in their videos in the face! >:(

  3. LindaClark7948 /

    009 Sound System :D? Nice song,

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  5. worgens are going to dance like ricky martin and goblins will dance like soulja boy

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    my fav is the orc, lol

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  16. 69Kamaitachi69 /

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  17. Sergilium1 /

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  18. dexterhateyou /

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