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World of Warcraft Compilation at Video Games Live Boston 2008

World of Warcraft Compilation at Video Games Live Boston 2008

The World of Warcraft compilation at Video Games Live in Boston at the Wang Theatre on 11-21-08

Another live orchestra playing (in Boston) during live World of Warcraft video game play. Fans can be heard screaming as well loved (or hated) characters come on screen.


  1. tekken4me /

    @trogdorburninating that’s Medivh

  2. trogdorburninating /

    what was at 4:17?

  3. abitran128 /

    zman170, who is this friend of yours? He sounds awesome!

  4. MetroidMan15 /

    I just saw this in Jersey. If anyone has a recording of that, please put it up! It was so awesome! I mean, this is cool, but the way they did it in Jersey was different! Its originality makes it good!

  5. Singingnut93 /

    thanks, I’m glad you liked us! At least someone appreciates hard work.

  6. Pixyl /

    Dont listen to people who have absolutely no talent, they are just jealous, and im probably going to delete the comment, because it has no place on any of my videos. My family and i definitely felt the same way…^_^

    When i was a sophmore, i was in chorus too but in Leominster (cringe) but we wont a competition there was and it was the biggest thrill ever, singing in latin was one of my favs of the whole chorus experience. i cant image being on stage for this and singing to my fav video games!

  7. Singingnut93 /

    Thanks so much! I’m glad you/your mom enjoyed it. It really was the coolest video game experience of my life.

  8. Singingnut93 /

    We didn’t lipsynch, you piece of shit, we worked goddamn hard on learning the music, we spent hours at us, and we sound damn good. Maybe the high school choir you are in is too retarded to learn music this tough, but my chorus can do it, and did.

  9. zman170 /

    lol my friend is in this courus too

  10. Pixyl /

    Omg, Thats so awesome, you guys were amazing… my mom even cried at the Civilization segment, and shes never even played that game, it was all so moving =)

  11. Singingnut93 /

    I peformed at this with my Brookline High School Camerata choir……I’m in the back row!!!!!!

  12. practoclyss /

    I was there and it was awesome!

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