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Echoes of War: The Visions of the Lich King

Echoes of War: The Visions of the Lich King

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  1. boboyer69 /

    @Stormwind187 I don’t really thing you understand what I’m trying to say… I used to play this game for the exploration back in vanilla. I -really- had no interest in getting the best gear. I just loved the story of Warcraft, I have been reading about/playing since the very first one and when I say exploration I mean there are references all of the way back to the first warcraft in the world, or at least… there was. That’s what I would do, find those, and love it.

  2. CookiesfromWoW /

    One day…. Elune, the Earthmother, and the creators of Azeroth will show up!

  3. DarthSlayden /

    @DarthAirSoft or… not

  4. DarthAirSoft /

    i think that we wont kill deathwing too i think we will only break sarage’s hold on him and bring him back to being the earthwarder once again then i think the old gods and tiatans will rize up again leaving space for yet another expansion before all the lore runs compleatly dry

  5. Stormwind187 /

    We didn’t even dent the Lich King. We didn’t even do much except distract him,he kills the entire raid and guess who kills him? Tirion Fordring with the Ashbringer. Sure he dies, but we really didn’t do exceptionally a lot, he even shrugs it off and he was basically playing with us all. I’m sure we won’t be doing much against Deathwing as well. Probably will have Alexstrasza saving us or something this time around, Illidan was never that powerful. He’s just another Demon really.

  6. Stormwind187 /

    @boboyer69 What do you mean? It’s continued in WoW , it’s still there. You’re just not looking hard enough.

  7. Iwantwowserver /

    @Neogothic Ashbringer perhaps?

  8. boxterCarera /


  9. Baconbits16 /

    doesnt feel like the lich king at all except for the last minute or so

  10. smil111yea /

    @boboyer69 cataclysm brings much hope to the game =D sure it will nevebe as mystical a when it started but in a way the journey will be reborn!!!!!

  11. Warrivftw /

    @boboyer69 Not that much of a waist, more a waste.

  12. maisboyfriend /

    @boboyer69 Not really.

  13. D4PWNZ /

    @thewalrus45 oooh, right, but u gotta admit he was kinda badass, plus he didnt want to raise all those people, Frostmourne did, it was the sword who enslaved him, it made him put on the crown and thus make the lich king and Arthas into one

  14. thewalrus45 /

    @D4PWNZ because he was trying to kill everyone on Azeroth and then raise them as his mindless slaves.

  15. D4PWNZ /

    @D4PWNZ Lich not lick lolz

  16. D4PWNZ /


  17. DrStrangefate /

    Russel Brower my friend. Russel Brower.
    I had the pleasure of meeting him when the blizz music team attended the Video Games Live here in Houston last year.

  18. DrStrangefate /

    I’m a relatively new WoW player, having been playing D2 and Starcraft since the beginning of time haha but I did play all the other warcrafts and I could feel the mysticism seeping out of the mythology like air through a bad hole in a tire.
    I wouldnt doubt it if Blizz made chars capable of killing Deathwing, much less the Lich King. I wouldnt doubt it in the least.

  19. Vampiretama /

    OMG that song is awesome! I want it! Please tell me where can I download it?

  20. Neogothic /



    It was Illidan’s time really. He was going to die soon regardless of how..

    but yes, I think it a bit shit how all of the mightiest heroes die at the hands of total 1337 kids..

    and the Scarlet Crusade, what the FUCK was the point of that bunch, honestly!?

  21. dresign84 /

    You’re so right man…the story is so awesome, but the screw it and put it for all WoW-Kids into the mangler/blender and streched and bend it to every direction they thought it has to be…yeah right, a bunch of stupid ass-fucked casual-wow-“heroes” raid the Black Temple and KILL (yes, KILL refering to wowwiki) Illidan of the mightiest mortal entity in the Warcraft-universe.
    for that, I don’t doubt, that blizzard will make the same with the lich king and deathwing.
    truly sad 🙁

  22. PraetorSlayer2 /

    … I don’t play WoW that much nor sell my soul. This will gt me thumbs dow but seriously now…

  23. andraken /

    you fool!

  24. Xstormraider /

    truely epic!

  25. ale89414 /

    It’s not SUPPOSED to be original. This is an arrangement of the theme by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra, which is great. And your comment ain’t.

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