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Lets Play Sanctum – Part 3 – More Waves!

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Hey Guys DrTeriyaki here with another lets play of Sanctum. Enjoy! World of Warcraft video will be out tomorrow


  1. superstelthyninja1 /

    Really nice vid! I also have steam my name is spazout177 add me if u want to

  2. SenorMikeCheck /

    you deserve more views D:

  3. DrTeriyaki /

    @Kingdomfire551 Yeah answered your question about my computer on your previous comment. Some games you could try would be like stronghold 2. Its a fun RTS. I put a a good amount of time into the game. Hopefully you will like it as well.

  4. Kingdomfire551 /

    what computer do you use? the highest quality game ive tried on this pc is spore, which runs perfectly, but i just havent been able to try anything else, but what do you recommend?

  5. Engleford21 /

    it is wheatlite no capital letters no anything just plain wheatlite

  6. DrTeriyaki /

    @Engleford21 seems like you might have spelled it wrong when you told me. The steam friend finder cannot seem to find you.

  7. Engleford21 /

    why havent i got a steam friends request from u? just asking

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