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Legendary Afterparty 12/14/2010 – Goblin Rocket Zerg and Level 1 Gamon Raid (Super Foss Brothers)

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Gary, MikeB and Lore had the “Legendary Cult” perform some fun tasks. Started off with a goblin rocket jump off of a ledge, then a level 1 orc zerg to Orgrimmar to take down Gamon. Both followed by a suicide jump from the zeppelin.


  1. glitcher49 /

    what server your on ??

  2. demoniccheesepuff /

    Can I join the herd?

  3. MsCutiepie227 /

    what realm r u on? i wanna do either a gnome invasion or a drunk dwarf party

  4. 4odd9even /


  5. NotoriousCommenter /

    They should do a 40 lvl 1 goblin raid vs a 40 lvl 1 gnome raid lol. That’d be sick as hell

  6. Javier19890710 /

    goblin rain, and a green wave? xd…

  7. Javier19890710 /

    goblin rain

  8. nikosgiginth /

    i will go some too for a event like this XD

  9. TheChannelPlace /

    That was the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen. My mind is blown.

  10. MnZvids /

    how did u even manage to do this?

  11. ClutchSins /

    Just shooting off too early he says xD

  12. malooknii /

    its raining me-goblins

  13. strzlyt /

    LMAO. Hilarious!!!!

  14. jordanwin38 /


  15. Wargod2 /

    siiiight … this is how wow should be ^^ if only it was like this in vek nilash server

  16. palpableimmunity /


  17. MrEpicano /

    11:46 Get to the chopa!

  18. fossstudios /

    The music can be found at the website link on our channel – You will see a link on the right side to download the music from our videos. Oh yeah, this one is called Ashenvale because we recycled the music.

  19. WhisperingSorrows /

    LOL !!!!!!!

  20. cthibe87 /

    haha hilarious!

  21. Danielxxxx23 /

    if only wow was always this much fun 😀

  22. warp539 /


    second i guess 😛

  23. Darkhart1232 /

    first again

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