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Hunter *WoW Machinima* HD

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A video about one of my favorite classes… Hunter. ——————————————————————————— EXTRA TAGS, IGNORE: wow world of warcraft hack 3.1.3 live speedhack speedhax gmhack gm power wow hack world of warcraft free gold GM blizzard 1337 hacking exploit us server account class character cheats t6 s4 s3 world of warcraft hacking gold wow human warrior hack money World Of Warcraft Gold Money Hack GM Exploit WoW Best Hacks #Gold V.1.5#Account card most download V.3.1# Level V.5.6 it works Gm Account Pbj best hacks good silver Game. No password PBJ needed voor dummies paypal free hackfrompim MCRK mcrkhacks blizzard world of warcraft gold farm level 70 make lots goldgenerator hack wowgoldhack wowgold goldhack wow dupe 80 World Warcraft WoW Bot Gold hack hacking black friday money WoW 2.3 2.3.3 2.4 Gold Account World of Warcraft Stealing Glitching Hacking Hacks world warcraft gold guide vendors weath on wealth blizzard ban your account dontbuygold wealthonwarcraft making world of warcraft gold dupe hack glitch double wow gm game master gamemaster power create infinite 1000 10000 100000 1000000 wrath the lich king ulduar naxxramas wowhobbs burning crusade war craft reign chaos reference amazing real working 3.0.9 3.1.0 3.xx emerald dream designer programmers island cataclysm beta machinima cataclysm hunter


  1. patataton /

    this video makes WOW lokk awesome, for a moment i forgot about how this game truly is

    a life waster, full of 12 year old kids

  2. Muzzdog4 /

    Hunter for Life

  3. SilencyNelfR /

    rogue 4 life
    but nice video nevertheless!!
    love to see more :p

  4. meerkatman22 /

    Nonono the end was all wrong it should have said “…I am..HUNTARD!!!”

  5. AnonimProduction /

    @al3k3r Well said mate!

  6. dadawg007 /


  7. vaginas matter not, for I am Hunter and I have my right and left hand to pleasure me in the world that is warcraft.

  8. Shlycer /

    @Elizabethe666 meh. (:

  9. Elizabethe666 /


  10. Athnar93 /

    that was back when we were bad-asses and Blizzard didn’t nerf our surv spec or didn’t fail at buffing the marks spec

  11. Shlycer /

    @IshnuSD Last Agni Kai Azula Vs Zuko – Avatar the Last Airbender soundtrack. (:

  12. IshnuSD /

    whta the name of soundtrack?

  13. skaujeff94 /

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    ( on the beginnen of the link it have to be 3 x W )

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  14. NidderMcNidder /

    introduce a rogue too 🙂

  15. xKOGxJoker /

    Omg!! i would use this as an intro to an EPIC pvp video

  16. Really nice video. Too bad I play terrible with my hunter :/

  17. christophersfgh /

    Good video man 😀

  18. TheDesertRat08 /

    awesome job ! keep it up

  19. 9gustav6 /

    @Shlycer I have a mac so i cant use Sony Vegas:(

  20. Shlycer /

    @9gustav6 love too, but I am still learning how to use it myself. (: Sony Vegas is what I use for most of the editing, I use Adobe After Effects for the more technical stuff.

  21. 9gustav6 /

    @Shlycer Cant you make a Adobe After Effects tutorial? 😀

  22. LumpyShield /

    I Am … Huntard!!!!

  23. BlackBlur888 /

    Don’t you mean “Huntard”?

  24. aek21valerios /

    Make one for death knights please!!!!!

  25. wolves4545 /

    DRUIDS FTW we always win

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