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[HOW TO] WoW 3.3.5 gold farming 1000-2000G PER H Part 1

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Hi. this is MmGuides Enjoy the Vidio Party 2


  1. PCGamer1471 /

    I hate getting scraps whilst skinning.

  2. pg13indahood /

    where is he

  3. ambusher5 /

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  4. cafethewowplayer /

    @Maandrixe He doesn’t have bagnon and i was talking about the leatherworking backpack. It’s huge.

  5. Maandrixe /

    @cafethewowplayer addon that puts all bags in one.. called bagnon

  6. Bowtiesare4lilboys /

    leather farming was done on my server it isnt worth anything now

  7. lichkiller45 /

    @MmGuids its an addon where all backbags are in fusioned

  8. MmGuids /

    @cafethewowplayer hmm. i dont have a 40 slot back…

  9. cafethewowplayer /


  10. cafethewowplayer /

    I made over five hundred gold leveling skinning from 1 – 400. that took les than 2 hrs
    well idk

  11. 3daysgracegirl4ever /

    instead of grinding for leather, you could just skin the stuff you kill anyway, and then take up mining or herbalism, and then go mining/herbing for about 30 min a day, thats what i do and i can usually make 1000g in about 2 days 😛 (selling the mats i get)

  12. MmGuids /

    @ToniMattTony on my server it is…..

  13. ToniMattTony /

    theres no 1-2k gold in there

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