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How to: Top of AH

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A step by step tutorial how to get on top of AH Alliance. Reeeally simple


  1. leethunter123 /


  2. @matswurld If you have not blown your hearth, then auto unstuck will use that instead

  3. Billa018LANG /

    gonna get my horde main there… >=)

  4. danickster9 /

    theres this inside the IF AH,ontop of it like ontop of it…. and theres inside ontop of the SW AH but this 1 is really cool i like it

  5. jimbeam759 /

    Having fun there pal i see ^.^

  6. mistaminute /

    nice i like it!

  7. Imo, that is not on top of AH 😛 Check my vid, that is the real top of AH, the roof itself ^^

  8. FPSR0b3n /

    It’s an option to, you guessed it, unstuck you.

  9. GodRoxas /

    what’s “Un-Stuck”?

  10. RyxiaN /

    need to have HS on Cooldown, else the Auto-Unstuck will teleport u to your HS place I think 🙂

  11. matswurld /

    um verynice what was the point of hearthing tho

  12. XxAmrxX /

    lol! Good song Need toplay it while on Warsong =P
    Pretty smart always wanted to try it

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