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How To Root Your B&N Nook Color ver 1.1

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Software (Just google them): *Win32DiskImager **** HERES THE LINK*** AutoNooter3.0.0 click on the area that says “click here to start download from mediafire…” (for this version only!) To check your version on your nook go into your settings and look at what it says…it should say 1.1 Hardware (Buy these or borrow them): *Nook Color Version 1.1 with the usb cable! *Micro SD Card *Micro SD Card Reader (to plug into the computer) __________________________________________________________ Directions: (Yes these are the actual directions from the internet for this) 1 Download Auto-Nooter from here: MultiUpload or MediaFire *MD5 FB74865663B8D797A486A85022FAD9B2* 2 Linux: Unzip and use dd if=auto-nooter-3.0.0.img of=/dev/sdcard 2 Windows: Unzip and use WinImage to “Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image” to your SDcard. 2 Windows Alternative: 3 Unplug your NOOKcolor from computer. (If Plugged in.) 4 Insert AutoNooter SDcard into your NOOKcolor. 5 Plug the USB cable into your computer and your NOOKcolor. (This will boot up the NOOKcolor.) 6 Your NookColor will reboot when it’s done. That was the hard part, now to the simple stuff. 7 Upon boot unlock your screen. 8 At the Android Welcome Screen skip Sign In. 9 Enable Location Services when given the option. 10 Connect to Wifi and launch Youtube from “Extras”. 11 Click the Menu button (The one RIGHT of the Up Arrow). 12 Select “My Channel” and Login using your Gmail Account. 13 Exit Youtube and Launch


  1. forbbidden /

    hey i bought a nook color and i’m living in Maldives can i root it use android and then buy and download apps and books ?

  2. coolblue256 /

    damn satchel you have alot of stuff on your desktop

  3. aclsanch90 /

    omg! you saved my life! YOu 3.0 link worked for me when i tried everyone else thanks a million!!!!! Great!!

  4. Lawtsy15 /

    Check out my channel for some Android Content

  5. eddylee99 /

    I cant open the win 32 disk imager, HELP!!!

  6. jutt524 /

    i had the same issue at first, and all i did was grant softkeys superuser permission, and then i rebooted the nook, by the time it booted up the second time the first app i tried redownloading worked…did u try doing he softkeys thing and the reboot? thats the only advice i can give as it worked for me

  7. cjsspatula /

    @TheKsp111 Ill put it in the description check it again today. I will have to refind it and I have school and work so Im not sure if I can but Ill try it was fairly easy to find last time.

  8. TheKsp111 /

    @cjsspatula can you post the link?

  9. TheKsp111 /

    @cjsspatula how do i download your autonooter file? I downloaded mine from another link.

  10. cjsspatula /

    @TheKsp111 I have not heard of this. If you went through the process just like I did (not saying you didnt) The only thing I could think of would be to attempti it again after doing a flashed reset. The only issue that might have happened would be that the transfer did not work correctly and a code got sent wrong. It happens but can be fixed with another attempt. Currently I have about 25 downloads from the market running on my Dads nook so it IS possible dont give up now. Check Descrip 4 Reset

  11. cjsspatula /

    @xray174 I believe It would work better but with much more time. not the near future…. I only say this because it started as software on a micro SD card that you had to have inside your nook to run it. it JUST now got made so you can run it without it on that SD card. It is still in developing stages for being compatable and smooth.

  12. TheKsp111 /

    The android market does not download. The android market runs and i can search through everything but when i download an app it says it’s downloading but it never starts the actual download and the status bar doesnt more. any fixes?

  13. xray174 /

    @cjsspatula so do u think honeycomb would run smooth on nook coloron near future?

  14. cjsspatula /

    I agree. I have customized like crazy on my Dad’s and he is content with it but wants me to get the Honeycomb v4 with android 3.0 but thats still in beta and is slow and laggy and I heard it crashes….

  15. pslgreg /

    I’m running that now, and it’s so stable that I hesitate to upgrade further.

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