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How to play a fury warrior: Fury Stats 4.0.1 (updated)

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I got tired of waiting for a response form machinima so I posted these on my own channel. They are the updated versions of my original videos. I messed around with stats a lot more! And this is what I found. Amory is still weird but WoW-heroes shows my actual stats (except mastery) (also i had some help with the numbers on this one from TheGreatMe from tank spot)


  1. Morethanicouldhandel /

    @x1x8x9 strength

  2. x1x8x9 /

    what I need more streng or attack power?

  3. TorageWarrior /

    @DtoWnSux1 tab

  4. DtoWnSux1 /

    as a melee class what keys do you use to cycle through targets but always stay striking. ty plz respond

  5. H4rdcor3TilliDi3 /

    so how much dps do u do on lvl 80 dummys, not the hc, coz they been upt 2 lvl 85 hc

  6. TorageWarrior /

    @TobyElkins1 and i dont take blood and thunder. its neat, but not really that good.

  7. TorageWarrior /

    @TobyElkins1 I don’t really use any macros much anymore. You can’t macro HS because you don’t always have the rage and you want to use it a split second after BT to get the battle trance bonus. And you can’t macro RB and BT because if you don’t have an enrage it will mess it up. So in my single target rotation I don’t really have any macro (except hyper speed accelerators on BT) and milti-target I just have cleave macroed to WW, so there’s not really any golden ticket DPS macros this time around

  8. TobyElkins1 /

    what macro do u use since the patch?

  9. ralphzimmermann /

    expertise cap is 22 atm or 172 points. it will go back to 26 at lvl 85. i beleive it was not intended however.

  10. TorageWarrior /

    @armafkngeddon becasue even with the +15% it still dosent hit as hard as TG.

  11. armafkngeddon /

    just a qestion, why dont you specc in Singled minded Fury? i mean that slam thing doesent work or something but it give 15% more while wielding dual weapons

  12. TheonlySneakarma /

    Idk on my lv 71 Warrior slam is hitting a good 1.8-2.4k

  13. H4rdcor3TilliDi3 /

    tbh, the amount of hit u need is isane, i’ll just leave it until cata cums out, coz there gonna b ilvls 304 on just common item, lol

  14. TorageWarrior /

    @H4rdcor3TilliDi3 Capping hit is only really viable at high levels of gear, I can do it easy but I am in mostly ilevel 277 gear

  15. H4rdcor3TilliDi3 /

    how the fuk u get ur hit so high ?, i haft 2 put +10 Str m +10 Hit on all my sockets and reforge my armor to Hit to get it to 25%

  16. mtinp /

    @TorageWarrior you’d be lucky if youre rends tick once or twice in a hc unless all other players are 300dps… from my exp.

  17. ForsakenTank /

    Hmm, personally I like my fury warrior im pulling 6.5K on my fury warrior at a 5.2K GS on no mechanic fights like saurfang I got 10K (reg, 10 man) I think we are fine and completely not broken :P.

  18. TorageWarrior /

    @HENZEK1 Correct. I normally do not take blood and thunder. It is only good for farming points in heroics and trash pulls. For single target DPS you want war academy and incite.

  19. HENZEK1 /

    You dont have blood thunder you wtf.

  20. irguydudeman /

    @TorageWarrior It scales with gear, I believe. But then again, I could just be rambling.

  21. hopper727rs /

    @TorageWarrior sweet

  22. TorageWarrior /

    @hopper727rs yes.

  23. hopper727rs /

    at 4:27 did you burp lolz?

  24. TorageWarrior /

    @irguydudeman There is a point where haste becomes devalued but I think it’s much higher than 20%

  25. irguydudeman /

    Once you reach around ~20% haste any haste over that becomes devalued when raid damage is introduced. (most of the time)

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