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How to make WoW Machinima Lesson Two: Animating Characters

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This is the latest installment of my “How to make WoW Machinima” series. Comments apreciated and vote 5! Links: WoW Model Veiwer: WeGames:


  1. xplosion4eve /

    This didn’t teach me anything else than I could figure out without a guide……..Please just tell us how to put TWO character’s into ONE scene.

  2. benblue3 /

    you NEED world of warcraft to use wow model veiwer

  3. Onroid /

    @P4tTh3BiRd It essentially fraps, but with more options and features but you can’t record at HD like you could with fraps, but wegame is free so its a choice in quality for price.

  4. P4tTh3BiRd /

    what does wegame client do? 😀

  5. P4tTh3BiRd /

    how do i download modelviewer?!?!?!! plz help 🙁

  6. nelgrump /

    i need help with wegame i cant make it to rec in model viewer can some 1 help on how it work because i can rec in game but not in model viewer

  7. haloCombatEvolved100 /

    Whenever i try to load WMV, it never works. It just terminates, and i dont know why. Please Help!!!!! D:

  8. DrShadez /

    Whats the name of the program

  9. Onroid /

    @DeadMan501Legion You need an editing program that allows 2 layers. Then you put your 2 seperate recordings in to each layer and you should be good at that,

  10. DeadMan501Legion /

    how can i put a second character in ? pls help !

  11. juicebocks100 /

    wave + shuffle right = lolz gotta pee

  12. juicebocks100 /


  13. kuzmanify /

    dude i have wow 3.3.5 can somebody please sent me a link for modelviewer becouse i danwoaded like 10 and every time i open charecter or creature it exits my model viewer pease sent mesege please help

  14. Onroid /

    @Kdssow You have to have an editting program with a layer property, then you record your 2 characters doing what you want them to do, then you place each individual clip into separate layers and bam you have 2 characters in the same shot doing whatever you please.

  15. lordrevan12 /

    dont speak to fast

  16. Kdssow /

    How do I put multiple Characters in? I’ve been searching like hell for the answer.

  17. briggsfobg /

    good video. have some of you fellas looked at the wow cheats pack on warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? its awesome, i recently downloaded the pack. it’s got totally every thing in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i probably shouldnt reveal to folks about it but at the very least it offers you all a reasonable opportunity to obtain it before i pwn all of you

  18. Moviewatchnmake /

    @Onroid Agreed

  19. 0Solenklier0 /

    “And hes ready to pwn the noobs and stuff…” LOL

  20. gregdafury /

    you recorded this with WeGames? cuz when I prees the button to record,it just closes WMV

  21. adamrv1 /

    @Czchar I admit there were some things that were unnecessary, but i hate short tutorials. Plus, it’s kinda entertaining to see all the things he does, even if he fails at parts. If you don’t want the “chitchat”, fast forward or stop watching, simple as that.

    However, on your behalf, I will admit he needs to edit out the parts that lower his credibility, (e.g. apx. 4:35 ), or other parts where we don’t learn anything.

    Finally, CAPS DON’T HELP, nobody likes them.

  22. JamesHetfieldIsGod95 /

    lol nice intro song and WOWMAPVIEWER DOES NOT WORK WITH VISTA!

  23. TheLmfaoMovement /

    How the hell do you put two Toons in the same video??

  24. DarkSumio /

    hey please!! how do you put 2 character in the same window?

  25. TheBloodwyrm /

    lol i just did it with some friends on the game itself. i was camera man

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