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How to make a WoW WoTLK private server for 3.1.3 (easy)

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CLICK ‘MORE INFO’ —————————————- Copyright for World of Warcraft: Blizzard Entertainment Download: Also: To use the webserver you need to: 1. Install service 2. start service 3. Check if you can view Questions & Answers —————————————- ———— can anyone of you with mysql problems test this put http ( right click- save as) in your hearthstone\mysql folder and then ( download it) in the hearthstone folder, try to start mysql with the “start database” file Q: i get this in ascent-world and ascent-logonserver “connection failed due to: acces denied for user ‘root’ @sql: main database initialization failed. exiting.” A: you have another sql server running, you can shut it down by uninstalling mysql or press CTRL+ALT+DELELTE and go to processes tab, and shutdown mysqld-nt. Now, start mysql again. Q: How do i make portals? A: use the database editors included in the repack Q: I get an error when i start the .exe files: This application failed to start because application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem A: Install .NET framework 3.5: Q: is the realm list for my server aswell? A: means “your computer”, so yes. Q:How do i make it public? A: For lan just change the realm address in the realms.conf to your lan ip. wan\more detailed:Try this


  1. MrWowmovieman /

    hey i cant get my ad exe to open can you comment a tip lol

  2. MIRComputer /

    Vortex-wow(dot)com instant level 80 and t6 for your first character. Soon to come 3.3.5 WOTLK Funserver, Cataclysm Blizzlike High rate Server, Cataclysm Funserver

  3. KilluminatiWoW /

    Hello Everyone,
    We run on 3.5.5a and we are almost FULLY scripted, we are very, very low on players so come join KilluminatiWoW, Today! 😀 Very friendly GM’s and Admins. First 100 people to join will get 100g free. Send email to or PM me

  4. ProjectFearServer /

    To be honest, i dont think you will find a better WOW server than project-fear(DOT)org, (MAKERS OF KAMICAL WOW)
    they have so much stuff working and the pvp is insane. they have 2 realms, and instant 80 and a high rate 250 realm..
    or if you just want to have a good old balance battleground!!
    read our connection guide on our website or PM me on youtube for help!
    Have fun!

  5. agentsmith049 /

    We have new raiding server. We have custom vendors, and custom quest lines. We are looking for new players to join NOW and INSTANTLY start raiding! Extremely active, helpful and friendly GMs, with a no lag server. Easy to play and very enjoyable.

  6. Brrrrreakbeat /

    I like the desktop background can you tell me where i get it?

  7. 333tacoman666 /

    how do i change my patch from 3.3.5 to 3.1.3

  8. WardDemontigny /

    1 to 80 in just a week…you better believe it! watch – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  9. agentsmith049 /

    hello guys…join in crowowserver.We have mall.custom item,all vendors… max level 80, NO BUG NO LAGG,full gm help and new armor and wepon join and see real wow … agentboske(dot)servegame(dot)org

  10. Zorzeema /

    What did you use for recording?

  11. agentsmith049 /

    join in boske server we have mall,custom item vendor all new wepon armor…. and much more…. agentboske(dot)servegame(dot)org

  12. DylanSteenhoven /

    1 to 80 in just a week…you better believe it! watch – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  13. jamescatherinedrq /

    nice clip. have any of you fellas looked at the wow cheats pack at warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? it’s astounding, i just down loaded the pack. its got totally every thing inside it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches as well as the new arena glitch. i perhaps shouldnt reveal to people about it but at least it gives you all a fair chance to download it before i own you all!

  14. AQElites /

    @PhoenixFireFx This is for a bit-more advanced users, btw it was 8 minutes.. liitttle to far on the over-exaduration there, if you dont know how to, your being a dumbass, go look at another video, dont criticize Johved for it.

  15. FlyingRyan25 /

    1 to 80 in just a week…you better believe it! watch – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  16. PhoenixFireFx /

    I would like to thank you for wasting 3 hours of my time, you didnt even explain how to do the realmconfig… or the world config :@

  17. shadowmencer96 /

    hi i cant find the vcredist_x86 and the other one 🙁 i am on patch 3.3.3 v2

  18. MrFlipsk8er /

    Oblivination Gaming
    3.3.5a Patch
    Pve and Pvp
    Instant 80!
    Daily events!
    Join us NOW!
    Need gms!
    Currently Hamachi!
    Hamachi Status:

    Host:Obivination Gaming


    Copy & Paste so your sure
    nothing is wrong

    Registration Page:

    Set Realmlist

  19. sxy139464 /

    1 to 80 in just a week…you better believe it! watch – /watch?v=d1k0tLOrGQE

  20. HeadbangerFromHell14 /

    I can’t find vcredist_x86.

  21. HeadbangerFromHell14 /

    I just want to play the server with my friend, do I need to make it public or do we just need Hamachi or something?

  22. vrasesic /

    Nice tutorial ,for more
    come at emu-emuz blogspot com
    There you will find :
    -and the lastest relases

  23. gexice /

    New server 3.3.5 Mid Rate Have a look At My Channle Sign up Now Fun stuff Server’s Public and online 24/6

  24. superfly1842 /

    That website tries to download a virus onto your computers when you load it. dont go to the links he provided.

  25. RealPusser /

    Hello Guys bloodbound wow Is recruiting For experienced GM’s This is a 3.3.3 Server And It’s Hamachi Hamachi name is :Blood Bound WoW Pass:123 All spells and instance Working We Are Looking for players too =) Come join us today For your account creation Please talk to Raul Or bloodz In the hamachi We are working on making the webpage Realmlist is: set realmlist We have networks 1-5

  26. I have been playing on this server called Eternal-WoW, it has a 255LvL Fun Realm, blizzlike realm, Instant 80 realm, and much more. I have never found another server better than this, it has a lot of custom items and thousands of players online, and tons of active servers always online to help you. It is the best private server I have played!

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