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How to Make a WoW Wotlk 3.3.0 Private Server

World of Warcraft Info brings you all the latest videos found about WoW. This is a world of warcraft wrath of the lich king 3.3.0 private server run on Mangos , NOT ASCENT. Personally I like the Mangos world of warcraft emulator better than the Ascent wrath of the lich king expansion emulator. Build 9056 is the latest build in the Alpha server released by blizzard entertainment. In this emulator quite abit of things are scripted , including the barber which is now adjusted. This version of the emulator is much more advanced than the first couple released for the wrath of the lich king expansion. How to make a wow wotlk server for 3.0.2 is very easy as I have implemented a control panel so that all you have to do is click one button and all the necessary windows appear , even the mysql server is already created for you.


  1. zomgh4cks /

    update to 3.3.0

  2. animator213 /

    download HediSQL and open up the private server folder, then go to the one that says world.config and scroll down a bit till it says User: Root( usually is) and Password:root.( might be something else) and type them in for the user and name, and there should be one that says localhost as the answer and u put that in at the top. then u can config anything. Character money, characters, add and remove accounts. and lots more

  3. archeryu /

    is this available for version 3.0.9??

  4. Wikashi123 /

    Nice music. I like ur music style 🙂

  5. Gioooo08 /

    with gm commands?

  6. Xionnx /

    How can i be that when my friends try to logon they only get to the realm list, because each time they try to select my realm (ManGoS) they just get back to the realm list again! plz answer asap i need to know fast !

  7. zomgh4cks /

    this for versions 3.0.X

  8. zomgh4cks /

    yes of course DK works

  9. liljae3393 /

    Best song in the world

  10. Stolickas /

    its 3.0.2 or 3.0.3 ???

  11. dragon12dk /

    does it have Death Knight?

  12. Shakduhn /

    yo dude, I got a favor to ask of you, I already donwloaded this stuff, and made the server, but I’m REALLY inexperienced on this stuff, and I want to do some modifications to exisiting items, to make for example some sword more powerfull, or some staff more weaker.

    how can I do that? can you make a video showing how to edit items?.

    thanks dude, cool video.

  13. thief128 /

    i agree mangos is much better with easyer commands

  14. Razblessi /

    My life – Lil wayne ft. The game

  15. hyastu /

    It’s not by Lil wayne lmfao he just a guest on the song he sings the chorus this is by The Game.

  16. taycole123 /

    have you made yur own nsevrer

  17. drifter1995 /

    i prefer mangos tho i think mangos is better =] thx for the repack btw !

  18. Travis841 /

    can i make it public?

  19. pallyiguana /

    can i join your server?

  20. nickpoodley /

    Will someone plz give me step by step on making a provate server…HELP D:!1

  21. unnamedcritc13 /

    can you play the server on the comp you made it on an dose it slow your comp?

  22. biron937 /

    Once u make a private server how can u return it back to retail without losing everything u did.

  23. poown /

    How to make it public?

  24. rodriguezbenjamin /

    do u have to have WOTLK downloaded or…??

  25. ice1lord /

    can i be a gm?

  26. I have been playing on this server called Eternal-WoW, it has a 255LvL Fun Realm, blizzlike realm, Instant 80 realm, and much more. I have never found another server better than this, it has a lot of custom items and thousands of players online, and tons of active servers always online to help you. It is the best private server I have played!

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