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How to Make a 3.0.8 ArcEmu WoW Private Server!!! (EASY) + Site & Mall Vendors (AcWeb 8.0)

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CLICK ‘MOREINFO’ Okay well Ac-web made an epic release and released a 8.0 version of there repack!! It supports 3.0.8!! Finally after a long time of waiting they released a nice one!!! DOWNLOAD LINKS : AC WEB ULTIMATE REPACK : MICROSOFT NET FRAMEWORK 3.5!! NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 INFO!! This repack requires that you have .Net Framework 3.5 Change Log: * ArcEmu Revision 2046 * NCDB Milestone 47 * 3.0.8 Support Full Feature List: * Supports Patch 3.0.8 * Easy to use repack, No setup required * MySQL and Apache installed within Repack * Comes with ArcEmu (Based on Ascent) * The latest database from NCDB * Account tables separated from game database for easy organization * Control Panel for easy server startup * Map extractors for US and EU clients * Latest DBCs * Lots of LUA scripts * Anti hacking security * Config files already setup * Over 80 Custom Vendors * All necessary instructions in readme * Supports latest wow patches/clients * Full WOTLK support * Normal WoW support (for you people without WOTLK) * Comes with fully customizable Joomla website * PHPBB 3 forum integrated into website * Stats Page * Account Creation Page If you get any side by side configuration error INSTALL NET FRAMEWORK 3.5!!!!


  1. MeTaCo /

    people that disliked this didn’t save the repack in their C drive!!

  2. xTrethy /

    Join Rebelwow Today! 😉 BEST SCRIPTED!, Friendly players 😀
    ( / )watch?v=fjPm8-K7klM

  3. KilluminatiWoW /

    Hello Everyone,
    We run on 3.5.5a and we are almost FULLY scripted, we are very, very low on players so come join KilluminatiWoW, Today! 😀 Very friendly GM’s and Admins. First 100 people to join will get 100g free. Send email to or PM me

  4. MrGallious /

    I got a 3.3.5 Privite server called X-Craft….Works on Hamachi……
    good server (blizzlike) nice scrpits and experienced Gms…..looking for more gms tho and admins…..PM me

  5. totallykay /

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  6. fearless622 /

    I need help plz when i run my AC-Web world the configs/optional.conf has a E not a S followed bye a unterminated comment then it just closes

  7. bolotashake /


    WOW SERVER 3.3.5a
    INSTANT 60, max 80


    JOIN US!

    go to: 4life.servegame(dot)com
    set realmlist 4life.servegame(dot)com

  8. TheDreamwalker24 /

    wtb quieter mouse clicks

  9. H4l0gl1tch3rs /

    heh i just made a 3.3.5a one
    hamachi is MadPVP WoW
    psswrd : 123

  10. happygamestvfun1 /

    im reporting your asss

  11. marek94druzinec /

    bye everyone my name is Marek and I play the best private server free to join us and see agentboske (dot) servegame (dot) org

  12. agentsmith049 /

    join in boske server we have mall,custom item vendor all new wepon armor…. and much more…. agentboske(dot)servegame(dot)org

  13. Marcuserkul /

    @miguelrenaud i got Mysqlserver 5.1 .. And now its working 🙂 .

    But when i trye to start the MYSQL.bat.. then i says something with port:3306 and i got 3307.. :S

  14. Omeaga281 /

    Welcome to BlaoWoW. We are a brand new instant level 80 raiding server. We have custom vendors, and custom quest lines that will take you through Naxxramas. We are looking for new players to join NOW and INSTANTLY start raiding! Extremely active, helpful and friendly GMs, with a no lag server. Easy to play and very enjoyable. GO TO: blaowow.servegame(dot)com to create your account and start playing with us now! (Join early for your chance to get to know the GMs personally and perhaps become one)

  15. miguelrenaud /

    @Marcuserkul dude me too but i figured it out download heidiSQL (its free$) restart your computer then…. go into the folder “Server” and run MySQL.bat and type:
    Username: root
    Password: root or… ascent (mine worked with root and ascent hehe 🙂
    Hostname / IP:
    then you can go into a folder called logon then click accounts and theres your information for logon

  16. lynxscape /

    @12atkowntu12 Um yes dude wow,…

  17. Marcuserkul /

    i got an error on MYSQL :S .. anone help me?

  18. twixed228 /

    Hello, there is a server called Ashbringer wow
    Instant hightest level pve and pvp server
    All bgs working
    Icc is working
    Website ashbringer(dot)org
    Alot of stuff Have fun and play

  19. thodiral /

    SIN Gaming!
    Dedicated Server!
    No Lag!
    24/7 Uptime
    Reliable Staff
    Player Owned Houses
    Constant PvP!
    Join us Now!


  20. villegta /

    try frozen(.)servegame(.)org/account(.)php Remove ()

  21. XhizorX /

    Join: Forsaken-WoW!

    New server: level cap 255.. Not made anything yet .. Working on Mall – horde!

    Need just a few ppl who got experience IN-Game..

    If you got Good Experience: Join

    Hamachi: Forsaken-wow
    Pass: 123


  22. BizzNizWoWOfficial /

    WoW BizzNiz Private server is looking for new experienced (no noobs) Game Masters.
    Non Hamachi
    Patch (3.3.3a)
    Its a new server, and i need help with developing it.
    Website will be up soon
    Contact me via msn: no-kristian@hotmailc0m or yahoo: wowbizzniz@yahoono

  23. MrNikolaos09 /

    you do it wrong click on that extreme100 thing

  24. TehImmortus /

    -instant 80, join Apolybus-WoW patch 3.3.3
    Play 5 characters at a time, no multibox! 1man a heroic, 2man a raid!
    Scripted dungeons/ Custom dungeons – no donor gear!
    aploybus – wow (dot) uphero (dot) com

  25. NightForceWow /

    Join hamachi: WoWNewForce
    Password: 123
    I use to own a server ranked 47 but pc crashed need to rebuild to the top 100 again
    looking for experienced people to help with it before server is non hamachi again wich will be 5/22/10 no noobs please

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