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Holy Paladin Healing Guide 4.0.6a

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I hope you all enjoy this movie, here is a helpful link that puts everything i said and more in to text. Elitist jerks –


  1. DBSpy1 /

    Super nice.

  2. Killahnoobz /

    @lennie9292 It’s an addon called ‘Power Aura’, and it doesn’t come prerecorded with any specific things like his Holy Power circle. You have to go in and create them yourself.

  3. TheGtm2008 /

    Have you done any testing with LoD healing te beaconed target, it is more sitiuational but I have found I generally get around a 20-25k heal on my beaconed target when usind LoD. WoG is still great to heal non-beaconed targets but I thought i would just add my personal experience in.

  4. artayick /

    @lennie9292 He is most likely using Power Aura to set up that circle to tell him when he has 3 stays of holy power.

  5. alexadame650 /

    what addons do you use???

  6. culso96 /

    i think you rly made people realise that holy light, such as nourish and healing wave DOES mean something, it long, its low heal, but its a hp bar filler so u dont get under like 75%? anyway it was a very good tutorial. Keep it up 🙂

  7. Juliedyret /

    Nice video, thanks

  8. Fable2Pl8r /

    I have 3 mastery gems for my yellow sockets. i like it

  9. lennie9292 /

    Could someone PLEASE tell me the name of the yellow “Cirkle” representing holy power addon is called

  10. macklin78 /

    very nice liked it alot

  11. TheSpyderseb /


  12. MrTacohooker /

    Great Video, thanku for the advice =D

  13. Gneaper /

    2 points in enlightened judgements and 1 point in eternal glory?? WUT?

  14. deniz280 /

    what addon is that when u see that u can use holy shock or jugemends? next to your grid i like that one can u pm me or reply the addon name and also GREAT vid 🙂 i like it

  15. sul258 /

    very useful ty

  16. jongarner3 /

    i want to point out one more thing that you did not expound on or explain to a better extent. Haste is way more beneficial than crit. In this tier (11) you want to get 14.5% haste unbuffed (w.o speed of light) (3%) so that you can reach 35% haste raid buffed for the extra tick of healing off of Holy Radiance 14.5% haste is 1859 haste rating for those who dont want to look it up. other than that this video was alot better than most. Judgement and Holy Shock off cooldown and any pally can be good.

  17. masterdrake8812 /

    awesome video was very helpful, thinking of changing to holy spec. ty again

  18. stuartk20 /

    Extremely useful, thank you!

  19. Roobir159 /

    Thanks for the guide. 🙂

  20. edblings /

    thanks man

  21. wjw3 /

    Divine Favor is good to pair with Holy Radiance because it will add extra ticks.

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