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Hey There Delilah

Hey There Delilah world of warcraft video previoiusly known as Mr.lonely wow video UMG got there gay ass in it so i cant use lonely trac here .. so i uploaded hey there dilalah along with it


  1. juliepdqqpd /

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  2. Imaloveyou100 /


  3. vaandoom32 /

    for the allince for allince pwn all horde at everything there is it cannot be explained but the fact is there is more allince horde are just a bunch of ugly beast as belfs are sluts ^^

  4. moshechoc /

    just wanted to hear the song hey there delilah but akon would’ve been heaps cooler.

  5. monkeymarf /

    where is the funneh part? XD

  6. LPSRocks2438 /

    FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. clonetrooper661 /

    why ishe bald and why is the a girl a nelf why not girl gnome

  8. clonetrooper661 /

    @Soul2RenderUs for years and years gnomes have been put down thats jsut worng and i may be a dwarf warrriror but i have many gnomish friends and i beat the hell out of noobs who try to hurt them

  9. sokolev1 /

    @hordeforrlife y must everything must be blood elfs??
    mostly..that class is loved by every kid between 6 and 11 years…
    mostly kids between 6 and 15 years play wow, so YTF MUST EVERYTHING BE BELFS??

  10. Electrazim /

    @hordeforrlife : I agree!:) FTH

  11. Electrazim /

    @Soul2RenderUs : I agree!:) FTH

  12. 650sFinnest /

    @hordeforrlife yup

  13. mack635 /

    @Tino239 Wanna Go you Little faggit Kid? Ally Forever Bitch.

  14. Tino239 /

    @mack635 great… another Ally born without balls. Horde Forever!

  15. Tino239 /

    @xxH1daN1njaxx Mine too. Horde FTW!!!

  16. Epagora123 /

    i prefer the parody to this song hey there vagina

  17. @J0hhny911 haha. How much, ill buy. They can carry my old gear that doesn’t fit me anymore.

  18. J0hhny911 /

    im a allience guy but sell the gnomes for slaves to the horde they are good for nothign some times

  19. pinatamasters /

    gnomes are better then gay ass belfs

  20. loverp11 /

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  21. xxH1daN1njaxx /

    Gnomes= My tauren’s football.

  22. kknurass /


  23. XxMrsElricxX /

    @ambers92 lmao I know especially the female Gnomes, they’re adorable and make the funniest noises when they die. FOR THE HORDE!!

  24. kingtut521 /

    @Soul2RenderUs All goblins should be punted! for the alliance!

  25. ambers92 /

    Gnomes are cute, I love raping them in BGs! FOR THE HORDE!

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