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Goblin Gameplay Starting Zone – Cataclysm

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This is a 4 minutes clip of the Goblin’s starting zone in World of Warcraft Cataclysm. (Dreamhack 2009)


  1. WowCataPlayer /

    @1337ChickenEater then, dont watch this, fool

  2. WowCataPlayer /

    @Pseudonimolol then, dont watch this

  3. 1337ChickenEater /

    WoW is stupid..

  4. Pseudonimolol /


  5. pablox1100 /


  6. Mattorzo /

    @Cookie41Monster no, vrykul is just another big character, we want a small character

  7. Gamer2uTV /

    Hey guys,

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    Either that or carry on the boring grind of leveling twice in day even if you’re lucky….

  8. Cookie41Monster /

    horde should of got vrykul instead of goblin

  9. madDocification /

    this was the BETA can’t u tell by the loading screen?

  10. Supp0rterz /

    @IXrollXwithXchevy48 blizzconvention so what recording device ? think before you post

  11. IXrollXwithXchevy48 /


  12. NguyetKrebs88 /

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  13. XboxCSR /

    ^^ The person who posts after me is a RACIST! Get him! ^^

  14. NonicekCz /

    lol sunny day and rain..

  15. AsuncionGrags /


  16. MafiasWay /

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  17. Thetrollmaster2000 /

    WoW sucks

  18. TheyCallMeDustin /

    @Manray484 this was before kezan was designed for play or not yet let know by blizz… but don’t worry, you are still cool for thinking you are cool. 😛

  19. ReflexRespawned /

    Funny goblin walks almost exactly like a dwarf

  20. WoWHeroin /

    goblin and gnome are both gay

  21. Tobolococo /

    way more awesome than gnome

  22. wowgmplayer /

    how can this be possible look at the date??

  23. gzkyg34 /

    wtf!! they comes at lwl 5?

  24. PhantomNinja9325 /

    @kevin1001100 the goblins look freakin’ awesome! and they have been in the game a while so they deserve to be played as

  25. iStaunchYou /

    look how different cata is in a year since it was first announced. thats how good blizzard is

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