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Paladin/Priest/Warrior vs. Rogue/Mage/Priest

Paladin/Priest/Warrior vs. Rogue/Mage/Priest

Recorded game play: Paladin/Priest/Warrior vs. Rogue/Mage/Priest on BG9 2650+

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  1. ggkpgg /

    Might make a second youtube account just to double like this

  2. elcaboose /

    this comp seems hard and skillful

  3. ihazchezeburger /

    9 is not for u

  4. oOlo0olOo /

    Thats why i love your vids with Xmo and Ray u seem to have a lot of fun 😀 Thats what its all about 😀 i laughed so hard at “Dude whenever I get to the pillar…ok thats it” 😀

  5. bludix123 /

    “He’s mana burning me don’t worry about it or anything” he replies “No im not” lawl

  6. NewYawkCityFTW /

    @dkill77 nothing in this game is hard

  7. Nemonstitch /

    “This is the part where I get sapped.” Died laughing.

  8. riptidesargh /

    New Technology helps prevents breast cancer Details at 10. oh yea nice video pew pew pew pew

  9. ricardinho101 /

    @Belligerent23 good for you belligerent, TSG sucks but i also don’t like the comps u run xD

  10. ricardinho101 /

    @Basicpiviot not for u that sory xD

  11. ricardinho101 /

    @Basicpiviot not for u that sory xD

  12. ricardinho101 /

    @Basicpiviot good for you

  13. EddieHowardl /


  14. Belligerent23 /

    @cabbageapple yes

  15. cabbageapple /

    hey are you still doing 2s with ray?

  16. i like the new intro.

  17. dkill77 /

    so faceroll, get a real comp ffs warrior is hard.

  18. Belligerent23 /

    @Basicpiviot tsg is not for me.

  19. Basicpiviot /

    wtf is this shit belligerent you asked what people wanted to see, and we said TSG

  20. wosackslice /

    YOu didn’t show you guys winning or losing? why,

  21. ilikehardcorex /

    i <3

  22. Zannypants666 /

    lol@ the frustration of those fuckin pillars

  23. bdenniso /

    That was rofl awsome, I feel bad for bandler tho lulz

  24. Ggroflhax /

    @Npatriot95 i’m his brother i can say whatever i want. lol.

  25. onegub /

    this is the part when you guys get fucking annoying

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