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Paladin Warrior vs Moonkin Druid Rogue

Paladin Warrior vs Moonkin Druid Rogue

Paladin Warrior vs. Paladin Warrior and Moonkin Druid Rogue on BG9. Listen in as multiple players go head to head. You can also check out more videos from

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  1. DRF15H /

    @Genome852 lawlawlawl u have a new partner now? πŸ˜›

  2. @oTiDDYo that “PFPFPFPFPFPFP” from ray makes it even more epic πŸ˜€

  3. mindflay420 /

    leathi is a good druid too lol

  4. riptidesargh /

    wait… that is jellybee and bluray LMAO I KNO HIM HAHAH HE GOT OWNED TIME TO MAKE FUN OF HIM ON SKYPE

  5. Genome852 /

    I was the warrior… apparently my partner “lagged.”

  6. DeadlyPride88 /


  7. jamjam1144 /

    ray is so awesome <3

  8. Healingproof /

    wow:P you’re good and stuff but pala is freaking easy lol

  9. Sidleyhatesyou /

    Bubble fagget, god I love this video.

  10. Bobbyhasskillz /

    bubble faggot rofl

  11. eaglesfanatic101 /

    You got the coolest partner. He’s hilarious.

  12. Belligerent23 /

    @skylite2121 Epicfail. epicfailmi on myspace

  13. skylite2121 /

    Anyone know the band that plays at the end of the video

  14. kinwood81 /

    Other pally had no ss on him, thats the reason he went down so fast.

  15. Johannes0702 /

    raycharles is pro πŸ˜€

  16. DjThatsTheName /

    That was great

  17. guitarsean101 /

    @tennja It’s called spellalerter I believe.

  18. snowbordingguy0071 /

    <333 these vids

  19. Leeman1993 /

    Your warrior is so beast
    Your a beast Healer

  20. Zannypants666 /

    Love you guys so much

  21. tennja /

    hey what is the addon u use to see who cast what on to what?

  22. MrSuperdelicous /

    uyrturt tr :DDDD

  23. Possesd /

    “Haha your pally is bad”

    Loved it πŸ˜€

  24. windmover1234 /

    :D:D awsome! keep coming vids

  25. SoapSoapCrayon /

    @confortto Depends on the situation or the enemy team.

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