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From Yesterday – 30 Seconds to Mars – World of Warcraft

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A World of Warcraft video set to “From Yesterday” by 30 Seconds to Mars


  1. Albertchimera /

    This video is made someone who obviously doesnt understand the song. poor video, badly shot, badly edited, terrible execusion.

  2. Oxygen97 /

    so anoying how it has to be a stupid couple in the video on world of warcraft thats just ruined the vid

  3. olassmg /

    Allright but I make over 300 gold/hour using guide from GOLDMAKINGGUIDE(.)INFO

    maybe cause ur a twink and thier like a lower level than you

  4. squeals /

    This is awesome! Just got into wow and love the band. Great story too. Make more!! 5*s and favourited.

  5. blueyewizard /

    Awesome video!! Love the Story and the Band. Keep up the good work. Give us more!!

  6. luxrange /

    nice vid 5 stars 🙂
    btw what server u guys play

  7. ScReAmoO6 /

    Awesome Song & Vid ^^ GJ

  8. matt111684 /

    great vid i luv the song and the band is awesome

  9. Kilzdruid70 /

    songs good and lol at peggy6868 mother that are overprotective always funny =P but ya you see alot of these videos being made but still its good imo

  10. peggy6868 /

    for your information my son wrote that and i dont appreciate the language. please do not reply back!!!!!!!

  11. peggy6868 /

    for your information my son wrote that and i dont appreciate the language next time i will report you!!!!!!!dont reply!!!!!!

  12. hellgood92 /

    retard its a new song not a old song dumb shit its off there new album 2nd single

  13. p11ala /

    I agree but good song and the vid was pretty good i guess rate=4

  14. wowzoob /

    i dunno it was interesting and creative but lame as hell.

    I mean how many people do the story guy and girl and she always dies and its all depressing…. you just need new ideas

  15. NarutoUzumaki2011 /

    good vid…!

  16. peggy6868 /

    my favorite song ever it is old school song and cool the best i herd in a long time do you think make some of your to lison to it

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