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Farming Bots and Gather Ninjas SUCK! World of Warcraft Rant

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While out gathering herbs or minerals, I come across a mob protecting the gathering node. So I go to kill it, and some random person swoops in on their fly mount and steals it! We’ve all had this done to us in some form or another, whether it’s for volatiles, skins, mining, or herbalism. Be courteous out there, and if you don’t respond to whispers, people might think you’re a farming bot and get reported. This is my rant for everyone out there frustrated by bots and ninjas.


  1. hESSLO1 /

    come to my channel i have “GOOD MOVIE” sAVE ON MY FLAVor! YOU GOING TO THANK ME!

  2. hESSLO1 /

    HI! LKpriest!

  3. SuperBenzy123 /

    so true:)

  4. Lkpriest /

    @Unreg1stered Good point there! Thnx for stopping by ISH! <3

  5. Unreg1stered /

    There will always be people trying to get something for nothing. As irritating as the bots are, they have a pretty high ban/stolen account ratio so I don’t get too bothered by their idiocy. Keep making videos!

    <3 Ish

  6. Lkpriest /

    @DarkStranger0414 lol ur awesome <3

  7. DarkStranger0414 /

    Demo thinks people who do this has no life and should be reduced to a murloc. Demo also thinks that people who are rude to LK should also be reduced a bruisedweed. Demo doesn’t like other people stealing his herbs/ore/skins. So if you want to be a Bruisedweed Murloc, go right ahead, just not on my server. Go back to Feathermoon and Role-play you Murloc. Demo also says hi.

  8. theperceptivereality /

    needs moar cleavage

  9. Lkpriest /

    @DarthRevan5906 >.>

  10. Lkpriest /

    @XDeathXJesterX thnx DJ ^_^

  11. XDeathXJesterX /

    she speaks the truth

  12. Lkpriest /

    @friendlymunki That’s nice of you! Yeah mean ppl don’t deserve a break tho LOL

  13. friendlymunki /

    if i accidentally stole from somebody’s node i would give them back the mats 🙂 i am no ninja!! (unless if they start swearing at me or start getting rude)

  14. DarthRevan5906 /

    @Lkpriest I’m from Kentucky lol and yeah I’ve had that happen a lot on my server

  15. Nouchjah /

    @Lkpriest hahaha! xD

  16. Lkpriest /

    @composertimbeek THNX!

  17. Lkpriest /

    @sasquach3758 LOL UR living the dream!

  18. composertimbeek /

    i’m a proud subscriber of you

  19. MaxLev05 /

    Yeah it happens ALL the time to me when I farm twilight jasmine in TH… I usually try and CC the mob , grab the loot then kill the mobs so other players can’t get to it. Sometimes it works but sometimes they can be assholes about it. If it keeps happening I just QQ and stop farming lol 😛

  20. sasquach3758 /

    that shit happens to me all the time when that happens i get on my alliance and gank them its fun :3

  21. Lkpriest /

    @terraceart one of my guildies is a tauren druid, and no one is faster than him for herbing! Frustrating! But yeah, I totally feel ur pain. Thanks for stopping by! Always nice to see ya ^_^

  22. Lkpriest /

    @Nouchjah LOL Not always Chinese, a friend of mine actually had his kids farm minerals and herbs for him while he was at work. I think he was from Kentucky…

  23. terraceart /

    haha, I would follow them too if they did that on purpose. 😀 I haven’t had too many people steal my nodes though luckily. It is quite annoying, sometimes because of phasing or loading people may take it and not see the player, but if I did that I say sorry. The ones you have to watch out for are the tauren druids though 😛

  24. Nouchjah /

    They’re called chinese! Don’t be a racist!

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