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Enigma vs. Cho’gall (Heroic 25)

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US 16th kill of Cho’Gall in the Bastion of Twilight dungeon. This was done in the 25 man version and heroic mode. Visit for more information. Stay tuned for more kill videos! Views Eirwenn (Holy Priest) Introverted (Frost DK) Icyy (Assassination Rogue) Megahoof (Marksmanship Hunter) Duffmanoya (Fire Mage) Enigma (US – Deathwing)


  1. ndmagic9 /

    What is the first music (0,33 sec) ? Plz

  2. ndmagic9 /

    Good video, good music , good guild ^^
    I like 5,25-5,30 over heal !! 🙂

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