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Destructoid – Kirby’s Epic Yarn Reviewed, WoW Cataclysm on the NFL, and Gay Gears of War?! – Destructoid 0004

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DESTRUCTOID 0004 Today on Destructoid, Jonathan and Tara drop a review on Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Super Meat Boy, they break down the World of Warcraft Cataclysm ad that aired on the NFL, and try to interpret a tweet from the infamous Cliffy B. Oh, and Tara wears a spacesuit.


  1. AliferLS /

    redhead girl sexy

  2. ernasmulders /

    i skipped this episode because of the suit

  3. prcaboose /

    @3rollerz dont be hating, you do know that you dont have to watch their vids if you dont want. no reason to waste time posting hate comments, oh yeah and to all you pervs these vids are for weekly updates not for sex.

  4. BeautifulMawMusic /

    @fobla UR RIGHT!

  5. BeatzVidz /

    I gave it a thumbs down because I didn’t see clevage

  6. ACRedsCreations /

    ….youtubers need girlfriends.

  7. 3rollerz /

    U guys fuckin suck

  8. 11eclipse /

    FERGIE?!?!? Nope, just Tara in a spacesuit…carry on then.

  9. HuntersX2NCreations /

    Blizzard is only numbering the amount of users they have ever had, not that are actually playing still.

  10. MrSpartan92 /

    is she the red head from “americas dairyland” ?

  11. Alex1996M /

    you suck

  12. @fobla Do you mean Don Knotts?

  13. omg…… that guy looks like DK! ahahaha

  14. OnlyLosersReadThis /

    DAMN YOU jazzrocker13!!!!!

  15. DrFrizzeh /

    Cliff already made gay characters..look at Gears of War. LOOK AT IT.

  16. gilmorespore /

    holy shitballs when you said Stallion i thought you were gonna say my gamertag cuz thats the first thing in my name

  17. BreinStijn /

    Bonk is Awesome 😀

  18. MangaNewb /

    Screw important stuff……. like school…… Minecraft is more important 🙂

  19. Feels like a gamer show in the format of a morning show so v boring. Also doesn’t need the guy introducing what will be talked about, its in the title.

  20. arginius /

    what about gay tony in gta 4 hes gay. so yes there are gay carachters in games.

  21. BigJohnIsBig /

    @NeverSaidYes lol

  22. No Boobs, No Views

  23. deserttemplar /

    You say “um” too much. Good show though.

  24. PiratesHar /

    i hate space 🙁

  25. boom3rang /

    I believe the past-tense of “Tweet” would be “Twote”

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