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Toyota World of Warcraft Video

Toyota World of Warcraft Video

Taken during a commercial break of the Florida – LSU game.

This funny parody poking a little fun at the gamers of World of Warcraft. Each character tools up with his favorite weapon, with one choosing a Toyota Tacoma.

Come watch this funny spoof.


  1. KillinStuffDood /

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  2. wow didnt know it was a commercial just thought it was epic editing

  3. wreckeDxx /

    @dommerx30 You’re*

  4. beastlyonion /

    ur a straight idiot

  5. StupidTankProduction /

    it is recordered because at the beginning you can see the timeline

  6. Noeliatropean /

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  7. skippy2244 /

    hey probably dvred or tivoed it then recorded it with a video camera

  8. outerspit55 /

    you can see the actual tv frame, how is it tivo

  9. spencerdugas69 /


  10. Proz428 /

    lol! “Where can i get one of those?”

  11. outerspit55 /

    oh ya thats definitely dvr quality. definitely not captured by a video camera at all. nope. your right

  12. dommerx30 /

    Your retarded. He has a DVR/TiVO

  13. outerspit55 /

    he just happened to have a video camera playing?

  14. Divix87 /


  15. Vectorben /

    Capture caaaard *DING*

  16. unctarheels321 /


  17. PoppieXL /

    I do rember seeing this on TV a few times .. then all of a sudden it jsut up and stop showing. During the superbowl if I rember right

  18. jice111 /

    your retarded WoW is not made by japanese people

  19. Iccer182 /

    lol hes being sarcastic xD

  20. TitanbrolyGilneas /


  21. DarkNightPR /

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  22. MEneifal /


  23. Powned1923 /

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  25. addiKdude /

    wow suck

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