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Cataclysm New Warlock Spells_wow

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  1. Graycen123 /

    Please check out my WoW Videos! Like the video btw!

  2. TheNythen /

    @draaisma100 And you’re just fail.

  3. draaisma100 /

    @p0k3huHn lol his voice is awsome and u now why its dutch!!
    and thats the best

  4. xombi87 /

    You’ve got mail

  5. ooooo0100 /

    its a good vid if u show the dammage

  6. matthi19923 /

    its good, good , good…yes good…i like it! lol i laughed my ass off…nearly on every spell u said that xD

  7. xIXIxAngelxIXIx /

    ok if u find out whats the best demonoligy spec for raiding is msg me

  8. BenIsAMofosexual /

    can you show the damage these spells do?

  9. p0k3huHn /


  10. coradking /

    its not wasted this is a bonus cause you can use instant summon when your talent is wasted alrdy (the one that gives you instant minon summon after it dies) so actually it is a HUGE pvp bonus

  11. TsubasaSaito /

    Nice Info, but i nearly slept in, listen to your voice.

  12. Typenights /

    Excellent … what I wanted to see .. keep up the good work.

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