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Cataclysm – Magmaw Boss Strategy Guide Blackwing Descent

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song: Black Mages – Man with the Machine Gun Jesse ( from omfgcata brings you a strategy guide for the 1st boss encounter of Blackwing Descent raid in world of warcraft cataclysm. Music: The Apocalypse Will Arrive On A NES Cartridge Sun in your head – Dust Galaxy Man with the Machine Gun – Black Mages


  1. xXxTybyxXx /

    You cannot explain this to noobs.

  2. cookie1399 /


  3. jabadaba1291 /

    Healing my first raid tonight man. Your guides are gunna be my bible. They seem solid man. Thanks for the great advice!

  4. 191bigo /

    heeey i still need my lava spine

  5. unholyGothyx /

    haha, i liked how some fan of yours /w-ed you during the fight:D

  6. Passasin3008 /

    how do u place these green/blue things on the ground that mark the position the group should be at?

  7. CcReap3r /


  8. partyman147 /

    Song = Sonic

  9. korgothgirl /

    Whats the addon called?:P

  10. korgothgirl /

    Whats the addon called?:P

  11. AlienKenq /

    im the viewer 99.000 XD

  12. xcdyshmx /

    black mages are amazing

  13. rubberballs0123 /

    5 people got killed by magmaw.

  14. joripien /

    @ikaikadiver1 that’s healbot I think

  15. ikaikadiver1 /

    what addons do u use to heal cause i use healium i love it but it looks easy for u sor some reason.

  16. Pricetaz /

    This is the guide.. For the game.. That is played on the laptop. LOL That advert needs work.

  17. LakeMetal /

    Man this is music and video everything lol 😀 GJ

  18. meatb4g /

    win for druzzak and helpful vid thx

  19. Eatfood04 /

    so where do the green arrows pop up for meele?

  20. Lingpwns /

    perfect movie, perfect music, perfect cast

  21. m4xfl4xst4r /

    @lamees122 but stay at about 15 yards or he will ignore you and target in if youre too far

  22. m4xfl4xst4r /

    @lamees122 stand further back than they are. thats it.

  23. TFDwow /

    @lamees122 the boss will cast pillar of flame on the target who is more far away from him, so thats why the ranged are in blue and green instead of melee range….

  24. lamees122 /

    @m4xfl4xst4r ah and the adds will spawn after cast Pillar of Flame in 4 sec!! but how u make sure that boss wil cast Pillar of Flame on me ! maybe he gona cast it on grp instead? xd ;3

  25. m4xfl4xst4r /

    @lamees122 The adds are cast upon a target . The person furthest away at about 15 yards ( ish ). In the vid they clump the whole group. This is not needed and the movement wastes dps and hps. A hunter( ideal ) or frostmage etc should be alone out there, the worm will spawn at his location. Ice trap or talented ice storm will do nicely. They cannot be stopped only slowed. all range focus the worms, and repeat on recast. The worms are the ultimate mechanic here, the boss is secondary.

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