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Cataclysm – Lord Rhyolith : Firelands Boss Strategy Guide

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Songs: “Escape from Hell” – Dynasty Warriors 7 “Battle at the Big Bridge” – The Black Mages Jesse ( from omfgcata brings you a strategy guide for the Lord Rhyolith boss encounter in Firelands raid in world of warcraft cataclysm.


  1. Tavanasmuse /

    not attempting him we downed him derp lol

  2. Tavanasmuse /

    omsgh my team is attempting him now and we have only 1 melee and no one with offspec melee so we- we had to 4 man heal it but we did down it LOL

  3. Twinscimitarz /

    Lol, the sprite at the beginning looks like a boss from a Megaman X game

  4. RicardoM1992 /

    Dude, gotta say, Love the video, nicely structured, well explained, very clear camera and mostly, nice background music. Keep up the kill guides and i’ll just keep on watching 🙂

  5. Sylmawen /

    Thank you Jesse, your guides are waaay much better than Tankspot’s, both in quality and entertainment. Aliena is so confusing, not to mention she speaks too damn fast for us non-english players, but that’s my opinion of course…

    And lol @ Giffca telling a joke to Left Foot ahahah ^^

  6. robbertsmash /

    @ricopower14 beth is pretty easy, just like shannox, and ryolith is also a faceroll when u get the mechanics of his legs

  7. ricopower14 /

    @robbertsmash i think beth is easiest..i didnt kill ryloth yet

  8. robbertsmash /

    @ricopower14 Maybe we already did shannox, beth and ryolith?

  9. ricopower14 /

    @robbertsmash shannox? its the easiest one

  10. robbertsmash /

    @OMFGcata Ok great :), the fight is one big mess now when my guild does it :P. And I have one more question for you, our guild does 10m raids, is not hardcore, just casual, what boss do you think is smartest to do first? Baleroc or Alysrazor?

  11. OMFGcata /

    @robbertsmash I’m sitting here trying to get both Fandral and Aly up before raid time tonight 😛 as we speak I’m editing.

  12. robbertsmash /

    When will your guide for alysrazor be up Jesse? I hate the guide from tankspot:P

  13. rcarass1 /

    So much more entertaining/interesting that the Tankspot guides! Thanks Jesse!! =D

  14. rasenganedchidori /

    “This is definitely one of the first bosses you are going to try in this raid zone” or something along those lines. *boss kill, look at gchat* some guy earned [Firelands]. What is up with that :S he cleared 6/7 and the 7th was rhyolith :P? did he get boosted by someone or is that an alt of some sorts

  15. Teh1AnnOwnLeeByukk /

    Is a worgen death knight any good? Sorry -huge WoW noob-

  16. snowbunny120968 /

    So much better than Tankspot thats for damn sure….

  17. snowbunny120968 /

    Your guids are by far the most informative and easy to understand by far. Keep those guids coming. They are the best out there yet:D


    lol phase two looks SICK

  19. Psychomaniac363 /

    I love your guides lol, and I’ve watched many of them, also as alot of people have said, you and Totalbiscuit should join…. if he comes back to WoW, also while I’m here, what do u think of them nerfing the old content, and what do u think of firelands?

  20. LifeHasLived /

    /console cameradistancemax 30

    use it

  21. DamnYouLightYagami /

    I swear I heard this song from an F Zero game

  22. dantheman671 /

    awesome, i love the dynasty warriors music especially the LuBu Theme

  23. Grandleon /

    @camrageek08 Obsidian is rapidly cooled lava. It’s a highly useful material due to its natural sharpness. Why is it so surprising that a game that deals with any kind of mining and lava is going to have it? It’s nothing new in fantasy either. For example in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (aka A Game of Thrones) obsidian is a highly prized material and can instantly slay the undead.

  24. Nemsi1982 /

    that boss without his stone shell looks pretty awesome..all magma-y and…things and…shut up :/

  25. bboydp2 /

    Can you pls become a tankspot video…person? You make videos way more
    Easy to understand than that aliena chick

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