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Cataclysm California Launch Event Footage

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This video features footage from the official World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Southern California launch event, which kicked off the North American expansion release at midnight PST on December 7.


  1. BlackBlueMen /

    Man even before the launch and selling of the game they get over 5 million dollar for making parties like this

  2. subzer0l /

    @KaiNGRC We are learning to spell correctly?

  3. gharbii /

    but… i dont like rock… rock suck. lol

  4. KaiNGRC /

    u shit !!!!!!!!!!! u fuking shit!!!!!! thats why the real world is crappy becouse all of the people leave it !!!!! u dont try to make it better u go and play the stupid games the make !!!!! u give your money your hours your life !!!!! WHAKE UP!!!!! ALL OF U WTF ARE U DO!!!!! WHAKE UP!!!!!!

  5. NerfAllTheFakes /

    2:41 girl in the right is hot The guy in the left is badass and 2:47 Is a kid cheers for cata in a weird nerdy way rofl

  6. NerfAllTheFakes /

    I play WoW but fucken seriously these people are soooooooooooo nerdy!

  7. jizzho /

    Yes i play wow, so what?
    Everyday 6+ hours
    Dont know bout you guys but wow is a much better world than this crappy one

  8. chocoman45 /

    hehehe…. kinda ironic cause it seems haters watched this more.

  9. mattmatt1102 /

    @ThePlatoon4 more than likely those chicks are paid to go to these events i know few girls that get gigs like this. the chicks are there to make people that are willing to go to these gamer events feel good about wasting all their life on the game. not all chicks that play WoW are dog faced ugly just 9 out of 10 of them are pure eye population to look at

  10. mattmatt1102 /

    there are people that play WoW and then there are people like this that are stuck in the matrix of WoW. jesus christ look at these people faces only a mother could love

  11. seppomuppit /

    @ImagamesFreak all I see is something that makes me embarassed to even watch, we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

  12. JeredFromSubway10 /

    2:47-2:50 lmao

  13. ThePlatoon4 /

    @rob432111 and made a cavern in the troll place 😛

  14. rob432111 /

    I think Deathwing is a horde player cause he just fucked up stormwind!

  15. Spartin326 /

    @ThePlatoon4 i made it up bro

  16. ThePlatoon4 /


    i dont know about you guys but that doesnt look like a nerd to me


  17. Druidbooh2006 /

    Why I become a virgin if i play MMORPG ?


    Why I prevent my self of the Things that i like just because people gonna call me “Virgin” rofl

    There is THOUSNDS of players who plays MMORPG are not Virgins ..

    i can have both, Real Life + Play what i like, and i DONT GIVE SHIT ABOUT WHINERS and Jealous dumbass people..

  18. ThePlatoon4 /

    @Spartin326 did you say that cause you read the top comment or did you think it up by yourself? :3

  19. deardaddyboy /

    @SuperMsBG These pathetic fat idiots that can only sit home and play in the squalid game.
    They have nothing in real life. At these idiots well earn money

  20. SuperMsBG /

    @deardaddyboy and let me guess, you hang out at bars? lmao

  21. deardaddyboy /

    so many freaks and idiots…..

  22. sheslikesme /

    When you launched this did you kno it would take over pples lifes?

  23. vinceraney /

    2:34 nerdgasm…..

  24. ImagamesFreak /

    @seppomuppit All I see is people enjoying themselves and being proud of something they like. I don’t see how it is ‘wrong’ at all.

  25. 3lit3gn0m3 /

    @chocoman45 you mean an alliance of virgins.

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