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Cataclysm – Beth’tilac : Firelands Boss Strategy Guide

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Song: “Thousand Suns” – Dynasty Warriors 7 Total attempts: 3 Jesse ( from omfgcata brings you a strategy guide for the Beth’tilac boss encounter in Firelands raid in world of warcraft cataclysm.


  1. crepaccio /

    1:10 “Thunderporn has joined the raid group”. Epic Win.

  2. JabbtothMultiplayer /

    Didn’t he do a Strategy Guide for this a while ago?

  3. Darkmodify /

    @gheith001 the one who does LFNoobs

  4. gheith001 /

    @Darkmodify whos pride?

  5. johney23543 /

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  6. flakvr /

    These dps-race burn phases always seem much easier to me on 25man than on 10man. I think he also mentioned that the spiderlings spawn from the 4 corners in 25 man, where in 10man it’s simply randomly 1 spot. So you don’t have a couple dedicated kill teams.

  7. charliboy15 /

    Okay I just have to ask why do people chain heal spam? It’s such a waste, you could chain heal then throw out the 2 smaller buffed heals then repeat, why doesn’t anyone else do that?…

  8. evilldd /

    @OMFGcata Well it is possible, we did it, but we did send 1 DPS up to her, but only once, at the start, and for the 2nd and 3rd devastates we had all DPS at the bottom. We had 1 DPS on killing spinners, 2 for spiderlings, and 2 for drones. Beth’tilac was at 85% when she hit phase 2. Anything higher though, will end in a wipe, as you said.

  9. Virvel93 /

    Jessy did you get those legs?

  10. ae937 /

    wow mojo, i just now watched this and i cant believe how much ptr footage u had to include as filler lol gj. Go ONE.

  11. Darkmodify /

    @gheith001 pride

  12. MyCelar /

    5:15 big P**** on the floor.

  13. Dvariminmelee /

    @OMFGcata Our guild did it with 3 healers in 10 man. Frost Death Knight spamming Howling Blast with a Hunter every now and then shooting Multi-shot and you’ll be golden.

  14. Mourninghowl /

    I miss the weekly review =(

  15. gheith001 /

    I have a question; on your channel their is a picture of 2 dudes. One is you and the other is some dude. who’s that other dude?

  16. ShadowFang52 /

    One point u were Omfgmojo i think….another u were Mojomaker…/shrug

  17. CiprianAdrian37 /

    heh piss easy

  18. billos23LkS /

    Hai i only play wow cuz of jesse cox.GO JESSE!

  19. TheSickSixSic /

    yo man can u tell me the add ons that u use so that the raid frame look simple and adorable haha :p

  20. MrShnitzul /

    On 10 man, you use 3 Healers, 2 Tanks & 5 DPS – To avoid dying in the last phase, you send 1 DPS up top on the first “Devistation” to widdle off about 1.5 – 2 Mil damage & use the exact same strat Jesse is talking about here and you Bloodlust, Time Warp, etc at 8-10 Million. all 3 of our Healers where pulling 13-22k & our DPS was pulling roughly 16-24k ( I was 22k as Disc Priest! 😀 )

  21. willywonkaseviltwin /

    what add ons do u use?

  22. izasnia /

    @OMFGcata so on 10man u need 2 tanks 2 heals and 6 DPS? wouldnt that be hard to heal?

  23. gringo533 /

    @shahin899 I am guessing mouseover macros. very handy. any healer should use them!

  24. WoWZackot /

    Jesse is a healer? did not see that coming

  25. SoaringBricks /

    @OMFGcata Well We had I think a tank a dps and a Healer on top rest downstairs seemed to work just fine, thought U might want to let your fans know 😀 (all healers on a sustained 13k hps) And our dps weren’t genius 😀

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